You will learn in this post how to use blessed thistle for breast growth.

Blessed thistle is one of the best herbs you can use for breast growth; after all, it’s present in almost all breast growth pills and creams.

Blessed Thistle for Breast Enlargement

Blessed Thistle Plant and Flower

Blessed Thistle Plant and Flower

If you don’t believe me, just read the labels on the most popular breast enhancement products, you will undoubtedly find it there listed as a main ingredient!

So, what makes blessed thistle one of the best herbs to increase your breast size?

It’s very simple, it’s loaded with hormones!

I know that this word “hormone” can be very scary to most women!

After all, disrupting your hormones can be very dangerous and harmful to your health.

It can lead to cardiovascular problems and even cancer.

Of course, this is extremely scary.

However, I don’t want to rush you into making stupid decisions, such as avoiding blessed thistle.

Indeed, many who will read the last paragraph will think the same:

That blessed thistle increases the chances of getting cancer!

This is not true!

Does Blessed Thistle Increase Breast Size?

It’s true!

Blessed thistle is one of the most powerful herbs you can ever use to increase your breast size.

I have advised many women to use it daily, and, before knowing about its benefits for breast growth, I used it for breastfeeding my kids.

It is the thing I want you to understand:

Blessed thistle is known throughout the world for being great for breastfeeding.

It increases breast milk flow while also maintaining breast health.

This is exactly why you should also use it, even though you are not the breastfeeding.

It’s going to engorge your breast with liquids, which is going to give them volume and firmness.

The idea you need to get here is that blessed thistle is probably one of the most powerful herbs you can use to increase your breast size.

Not only that, but it’s one of the safest ones as well.

Indeed, when I was young, I had a very small breast!

I now have beautiful C cups in my chest, and I feel so proud of myself.

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Anyway, when I was young, just after hitting puberty, I realized that my breast wouldn’t increase in size!

Sometimes, I thought to myself that they were shrinking instead of growing!

Well, this was devastating to my self-esteem.

And for a very long time, I started to think that I was cursed and that I may be suffering from an illness or something that was preventing my breast from increasing in size and grow properly.

However, after asking my sister and my mother about this issue, I began understanding that we have a tiny breast in all of our female side of the family.

There was nothing we could do about it; we were doomed!

Of course, at first, I didn’t accept this idea, I started fighting back, and I started looking for solutions to increase my breast size, whatever the cost!

So, I soon began seeking medical help, accompanied by my mother.

I went to see dermatologists and even gynecologists to see what was going on!

Well, later on, I realized that I had a hormonal imbalance, and I was advised to start taking contraceptive pills and shots!

I did, and my breast seemed to increase in size only slightly.

However, I soon realized that the moment I stopped, everything would go back to normal, in fact, sometimes even worse!

My breast would become flat again, and I had no intention of taking contraceptive pills my whole life.

So, I thought about augmentation surgery when I was eighteen, having silicone implants.

However, my sister was going through the same issue as well.

She decided to go through surgery!

And let me tell you that this was just horrifying.

She had so many side effects, such as upper chest pain, and she was unable to move her arms.

Even worse, after consulting with many doctors and oncologists, later on, it was confirmed that her breast implants might lead to breast cancer in the long run!

Since two of our aunts had breast cancer before!

So, she decided to get her implants removed.

This is exactly what I want to tell you right now:

You don’t have to have breast implants to increase your breast size.

It’s not a must; there are better ways and better solutions!

And from my own experience, the most beneficial thing you can do is to use plant hormones, in other words, to use plants to increase your breast size.

I have done it successfully, and you can do it as well.

So, what makes blessed thistle the best plant to increase your breast size?

Well, it’s not only very powerful when it comes to plant hormones; it’s also very rich in antioxidants.

In other words, by consuming blessed thistle, you are not only increasing your breast size, but you are also preventing dangerous diseases from harming your body.

Of course, this is not our main subject.

Here, I want to only teach you about increasing your breast size.

But suffice it to say that when you start consuming blessed thistle the right way, you are also going to protect your body while increasing your breast size.

What do I mean by the right way?

Well, there is a wrong way to consume blessed thistle.

And it’s applying blessed thistle directly on your breast.

Which is completely wasteful and will not result in any significant growth.

And the right way is what I’m going to share with you in this post.

Trust me, after going through many techniques and recipes to increase my breast size; I realized that the simplest ones were the most efficient.

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It’s because of one very simple thing:

I got bored very quickly.

You see, the best way for us to increase our breast size is to keep on doing it daily, in other words, you have to persevere, you don’t have to give up quickly.

You see, the problem with most women who are trying to increase their breast size is that they give up too soon.

For example, they are following a good technique and applying a good recipe to their breast daily.

Soon, they are going to notice that nothing has happened, when, in fact, their bodies are increasing their hormone levels while also stimulating breast tissue growth from the inside.

All this takes time!

So, they are going to give up without ever thinking that they were on the right path to increasing their breast size naturally without surgery and without damaging their health.

Trust me, the best way for you to increase your breast size is to wait and keep on applying blessed thistle simply and other herbs I’m going to recommend in this post.

It’s by far the most efficient technique you can follow and if you can only get one thing from this post, be it this one:

You need to persevere, and you need never to give up.

One more important thing you need to understand is this:

If you are not eating the right food, you are not going to increase your breast size!

I have talked with so many women in the past who were suffering from flat chest.

They all told me that they wanted to increase their breast size.

But deep down, I knew that they were not going to succeed because of one very simple thing: they all had a very small appetite!

You see, the big issue with breast size is your appetite.

If you eat good nutrients daily, especially essential fats and lots of carbohydrates, whatever phytoestrogen-rich herb or product you use will work at increasing your breast size.

After many years of trying different techniques and breast augmentation recipes, I realized that the best way for you to increase your breast size is to take good care of your diet.

To eat lots of nutritious foods daily.

This is by far the most important step I want you to take right now, to take good care of your diet.

So, here is what you need to do:

Every day, when you wake up, I want you to have lots of water.

A minimum of one cup, this is very beneficial because it’s going to rid your body of so many toxins that have built up all over the night while you were asleep.

Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek for Breast Enlargement

Next, I want you to have two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds.

What’s amazing about fenugreek seeds is that they contain lots of phytoestrogens.

These are plant hormones that are responsible for increasing your breast size and keeping them firm and young-looking all the time.

Next, I want to have a nice breakfast, with lots of bread, lots of honey or jam.

More importantly, I want you to have soy milk instead of cow’s milk because it contains lots of phytoestrogens as well.

Of course, I have also advised women to start consuming peanut butter.

It contains lots of fats and carbohydrates, which are essential to building your chest and stimulating breast tissue growth.

Does Fenugreek And Blessed Thistle Increase Breast Size?

Yes, these two herbs are fantastic when it comes to increasing your breast size.

I have already explained that the best way for you to increase your breast size is to not rely on one simple ingredient but to add more.

This is the case with fenugreek and blessed thistle.

They are a powerhouse when it comes to phytoestrogens.

And combining the two is not only going to add more growth, but it’s also going to stimulate your breast tissue to retain more water and fat.

This is amazing for keeping them perky and firm.

I have breastfed four kids, and the husband and I are talking about a fifth one!

I love kids; they are a great joy!

However, they will drain your money and also drain your breast!

This is the truth; your breast is going to become saggy, especially after breastfeeding many children.

However, using different essential oils and taking fenugreek and blessed thistle is probably one of the most powerful and preventative ways you can use to keep them sexy and amazing looking.

Whenever I meet a woman who is trying to maintain breast firmness, the first thing I’m going to tell her is to have a beauty routine.

For example, here is my daily beauty routine:

Before going to bed, I must apply a good breast firming essential oil; I have already talked about one in my book.

It’s very powerful, and it’s going to maintain firmness and elasticity, even after breastfeeding four kids!

Next, I’m going to apply a collagen-rich cream to my breast, my hands, and my face.

This is amazing to keep me young-looking and to give my face and skin all its vitality.

Then, I apply a breast firmness and growth night cream.

I make one every Sunday, and I never miss a night without applying it.

Just to give you an idea, before adopting this beauty routine, my breast looked very saggy and soft.

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

It’s the truth, breastfeeding is very taxing on our breast, and you are going to end up with deflated and saggy breast no matter what you do!

Unless you use the big guns.

And this is exactly what I have described; you must have a powerful beauty routine every single night before going to bed.

Blessed Thistle and Fenugreek Dosage

I have already talked about fenugreek, how much you need to take daily, and, most importantly, how it’s able to increase your breast size and maintain growth and volume very easily.

Now, let’s talk about blessed thistle.

Well, there aren’t many techniques you can use when it comes to this powerful plant because it contains high amounts of phytoestrogens.

So, however you use it, it’s going to work as long as you are taking it daily.

So, this is what I want you to do:

Around four p.m., I want you to simply brew two blessed thistle teabags in one cup of hot water for fifteen minutes, then, drink everything.

Yes, this may seem too easy to be true! But it does work!

It’s very powerful because you are using two blessed thistle teabags!

They contain large amounts of phytoestrogens while also having lots of phytoestrogens and other hormones in your breakfast.


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