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What I discovered shook me to my core: our body wants and needs to increase our breast size, but we are stopping it! Worse, most flat-chested women are destroying whatever breast volume they have with 3 nasty daily habits.

Just getting rid of these and replacing them with “breast filling” routines will guarantee an immediate increase in your breast size, firmness & volume.

These are the steps you must follow to stimulate your unique breast tissue type to increase in size and firmness rapidly:
Tacking “breast stimulating” nutrients
Practicing a simple “Breast Enlarging Massage Therapy”
Eating breast filling foods
Applying my Breast Enlarging Cream at night
Doing quick breast lifting exercises

The Bigger Breast Formula Book

Get ready-to-use techniques to increase your breast size in just 35 days or less, guaranteed.
You will also discover how to increase breast firmness and volume very rapidly; most of my readers have reported seeing an added firmness in less than 5 days.
You will also learn about the best foods and daily essential vitamins to increase and maintain breast growth and perkiness, these took me well over five years to discover and learn how to use properly.


“I started using your formula exactly one week ago. It truly is interesting how different our bodies are. I’m pretty healthy already, but after coming off the birth control pill after 15 years, my breasts just absolutely deflated. My hair also has been in terrible shape. Almost complete bald spots. Although it makes sense, it’s really a shame how much hair and breast size can either improve or be a detriment to a woman’s self-esteem. I’m only 32 and newly married. I want to feel like a woman again! Anyway, I noticed a difference in my breast size DAYS after using both supplements. My hair is growing faster than I’ve ever seen, with new hairs growing so fast that it looks like I cut bangs (even though I didn’t… it’s all just NEW hair). I put on my old bikini today. The last time I wore it, there were hardly any breasts to hold up and the top part of my boobs were flat, not round. Today, they looked absolutely amazing. I’m super pumped to reach the 1 month and 2 month mark to see what the more “final” result will be. My husband has even commented on the difference and I’ve only told him I’m taking these supplements for hair growth, not breast growth. I guess I’ll have to tell him if he starts questioning a boob job. Super relieved that there is something out there that has fantastic positive effects without negative side effects. I was starting to lose hope after years of trying literally everything.”


“After reading Sahar’s report, I decided I would purchase the book since I have spent so much in the past that hasn’t worked. I really wanted to try something natural but not a whole bunch of different herbs. I’m so pleased with this book, it’s the most informative book and well researched info I have come across since starting. I’m currently having results just a week in, I can honestly say I would rather have the knowledge this book gave me so not wasting any more money I highly recommended it , also if you email Sahar she will help you with future questions as you go through, I never write reviews but I’m so excited…”

“I wanted to have female breasts since I was a child, as a man, I can’t say that it was easy, I went through so many crappy books over the past year alone until I found Sahar’s report, got what I needed to get me started and soon, she was answering my emails, very professional gal, can’t say enough good things about her, btw, I gained 3 full cups, I went from 30A to 33B :-)”
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