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Natural Bigger Breasts

There was a time when the only way for a woman to get firmer and larger breasts was surgery! It’s true, it still is a faster and more direct way to increase breast size and firmness to almost any desired shape or weight; however, it’s also extremely invasive!

Just imagining going through anesthesia, someone cutting through your flesh and taking months to recover can turn off many women in desperate need of breast augmentation.

This is the reason why turning to natural remedies, although not as fast as breast augmentation surgery, can seem a convenient solution, however, just Google topics such as natural breast augmentation or breast enhancement creams will open the floodgate  on the many techniques and compounds available to achieve this result!

Unfortunately, most are mere witchcraft and won’t help a bit with increasing a woman’s breast size!

This is the reason why I have spent many years trying to figure out which natural remedies work at increasing breast size and which don’t.

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Here are some of the few things you will learn:

  • What foods to eat to balance your hormones and get natural breast growth started
  • The right herbs with the safest dosages to fill your breasts and give them a deep cleavage
  • Essential oils to use every day to maintain breast growth and keep your breasts firm and wrinkles free
  • An easy tea recipe to enjoy every morning to bath your breast tissue in the right phyto-nutrient to give you more growth and firmness
  • My personal and tested massage technique for long lasting breast enlargment


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Three Steps To Increase Your Breast Size Naturally

What’s your breast type

The first and most important step is to find out what breast type are you! Not just shape, but characteristics. Your menstrual cycle is a huge indicator. Indeed, without this, you won’t know why your bust is the way it is now!

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The Right Nutrition

Without the proper nutrients, food and drinks, your breasts will always stay deflated and without an attractive shape, no matter what you take, even worse, they start shrinking with age, nursing and physical activity.

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Massage and Herbs

There are probably hundreds of herbs and essential oils to use; the truth is only a small number can help increase your breast size to satisfactory weight and shape. I have identified these with years of trial and errors.

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