In this post, you will learn how to use bovine ovary for breast enlargement since it’s one of the most efficient supplements you can take to increase your breast size very rapidly, especially of you are a man!

This is because of one critical factor: It has a high concentration of female hormones.

But please, use it cautiously, it can cause serious side effects!

Bovine Ovary for Breast Growth

I have already discussed in many of my earlier posts that women who have tiny breasts suffer from hormonal imbalances.

These are the leading cause for having a flat chest.

I was in the same situation in the past; I had very tiny breasts, and after consulting with many doctors and even many plastic surgeons.

I realized that my hormones were simply out of balance!

This is the thing you need to understand now if you have small breasts, it merely means that your hormones are inadequate to your body.

You see, many women are genetically predisposed to have larger breasts, and because of their hormonal imbalance, they have average looking ones.

Most of the time, they are flat-chested!

When it comes to us, flat-chested women, we need our hormones to be highly balanced; in other words, we need our hormones to be healthy.

Should You Use Bovine Ovary To Get Bigger Breast?

This is precisely why bovine ovary supplementation works amazingly well at increasing our breast size.

In a few paragraphs, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can use it to improve your breast size, firmness, and lift tremendously.

One more essential information about bovine ovary:

a lot of guys wanting to increase their breast size have reported amazing results as well.

Yes, I am going to discuss this later in this post as well.

How a man can use this powerful supplement to increase his breast size very safely and without side effects.

Bovine Ovary Side Effects

First, I want to tell you a little about myself:

In the past, when I was just nine years old, I dreamt of having larger breasts; in fact, I even imagined myself wearing huge brass and going to the beach with a tight bikini and feeling fabulous with my deep and large cleavage.

However, I soon realized that my sister was in the same situation as myself; she also had very tiny breasts even though she was sixteen years old back then!

Needless to tell you, I thought to myself that I would be the exception in my family, that although all the women in my family have small breasts.

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I’m going to have larger ones in the future, needless to say; I was extremely disappointed.

I soon realized that my breasts were the same as other women in my family; they were worse.

I will not have larger breasts because I had the same DNA as them!

I know it’s very depressing, but it’s absolutely the truth, I simply want you to understand this: it hasn’t to be definitive!

This is not your future!

And I’m sorry to say this; most women simply think this is the way things should be if they are born with smaller breasts, it means that they will never have larger ones and it also means that they will always feel sorry about their bodies and they will never enjoy true beauty.

Yes, many have called me “superficial,” but I believe that for a woman to be beautiful, she needs to have fuller and firmer breasts.

I have been there, I had very tiny breasts in the past, barely noticeable, and no matter what I would do.

Even though I took self-esteem courses and practiced different sports and studied hard, I earned a good living from a great job, etc.

I never felt really “me”, and I always had doubts about myself, my relationships, and the way people, especially guys, looked at me.

Yes, to truly feel fantastic about yourself, as a woman, you need to have larger breasts.

And to do this, you need to increase your breast size with the right techniques.

And this calls for your hormones to be in a healthy balance.

Bovine Ovary for Breast Growth – Before and After Results

This is precisely why bovine ovary supplements are vital for breast growth.

They are going to balance your hormones, and most importantly, they are going to do so very slowly!

Just to give you a little idea of the kind of results to expect, a lot of women and men as well have doubled their breast size, a friend of mine went from size 32A to 34D in a matter of seven weeks.

It works; you must have consistency; that’s all that’s required from you.

I emphasize this point because :

most women, when they realize their hormones are not in balance, will start loading up with different hormones and different compounds to increase their levels rapidly.

Well, if you do this, you are going to cause yourself and your body a tremendous shock; even worse, you will lower your immune system.

You will also overwhelm many vital organs in your body.

I’m serious when I tell you that you need to be extremely careful when you are dealing with bovine ovary supplements.

Especially that they tend to contain large amounts of hormones, so, my advice is very simple.

If you want these supplements to give you fantastic breast growth, you will need to take things very slowly.

Don’t worry, I’m going to show you what I did and how I was able to increase my breast size with the right ingredients very safely and rapidly as well.

But before I do this, I need to be completely honest with you when I started increasing my breast size.

I didn’t use bovine ovary supplements; I just relied on natural ingredients such as fenugreek and fennel seeds.

And although they were terrific at increasing my breast size.

I felt that I was missing out on a lot of opportunities and a lot of room for growth.

That’s why I turned to very powerful solutions such as bovine ovary and different hormonal supplements, and they truly increased my breast size very rapidly.

However, while using them, I raised my fiber intake, started practicing different physical exercises that targeted my chest area, and, more importantly:

I kept on consuming phytoestrogens rich foods such as fenugreek and soybeans.

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

This is just to tell you that if you want to increase your breast size, you need to have a holistic approach.

In other words, you need to use different solutions and different techniques all at once to increase your chances of having larger and firmer breasts very rapidly.

If you want to read about the herbs I was taking, I highly recommend that you check my earlier posts.

In them, I discussed extensively what kind of herbs I was using and, more importantly, the right amounts I was ingesting daily.

I don’t want to lie to you and tell you that I was just using bovine ovary supplements alone.

I was using other essential ingredients while following a straightforward routine that made me stick to my goals and carry out different techniques daily.

Not only when it came to chest exercises.

But also for cleansing my body using the right fiber and consuming the right food to feed my breasts correctly.

And give them the right nutrients to grow and increasing firmness rapidly.

How To Use Bovine Ovary To Increase Your Breast Size?

Well, it’s not very complicated; you just need to take good care of your water intake!

I’m sure that you are going to feel perplexed but what I have just written, which is true, just remember this:

To use bovine ovary to increase your breast size, the first rule is to drink lots of water.

From my experience, bovine ovary supplements caused my skin to become very dry.

And even started to experience hair loss, even worse, I felt constipated all the time.

Of course, all these symptoms stopped when I started drinking enough water.

Here is what I want you to do every single morning:

When you wake up, I simply want you to have at least two tablets of bovine ovary with a minimum of one cup of water.

I know that this is going to sound too easy to be correct, but I assure you, this is everything I had done to see amazing results when it came to increasing my breasts size using bovine ovary supplements.

It works, and as mentioned before, I don’t want you to overwhelm your body with too much hormone enhancing compounds on a daily basis.

This can be very stressful and can also cause tremendous pressure on your endocrine system.

In other words, your hormones are going to be way out of balance.

How Much Bovine Ovary to Increase Your Breast Size

The most important advice I want to give you now is the following:

Two tablets every morning are better than five tablets taken from time to time! It’s the best and safest bovine ovary dosage to increase your breast size.

In other words, I want consistency from you; I don’t want “passion”!

I want you to stay on your course, and I want you to keep supplementing with bovine ovary for a minimum of sixty days.

Two tablets every single morning with lots of water, that’s all I’m asking from you.

Trust me, after just fifteen days; you are going to notice your breasts puffing up and getting engorged with water and fats.

More importantly, I want you to focus on your diet, as mentioned before.

I want you to feed your breasts the right nutrients daily, to do so, please refer to my earlier posts.

But in general, eating lots of whole grains, brown rice, and more importantly, lots of peanuts and other healthy nuts are going to do the trick.

This is the reason I have always advised my readers to consume a minimum of one handful a day of walnuts or almonds.

While also indulging themselves with lots of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day.

I have a large piece of toast, whole grain, with lots of jam and peanut butter on a daily basis.

If I don’t eat my peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the morning.

I don’t feel fine for the rest of the day because it became a habit.

One more essential thing, try to buy trans-fat free peanut butter.

Bovine Ovary for Male Breast Enlargement

Bovine ovary supplements have also been used to increase male breast size successfully.

And I met a lot of guys who had trouble increasing their breast size in the past.

And using this daily supplement increased their growth while also making their breasts look fantastic and firm.

You see, male breast growth also depends on hormone levels, and what’s fantastic about bovine ovary is that it reduces testosterone levels tremendously.

Which is also extremely important to increase breast size in men.

After all, we want to cut hormonal imbalances as much as possible.

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

And having lots of testosterone with also lots of estrogens can be terrible to increase a man’s breast size.

This is the reason bovine ovary works so amazingly well at increasing breast growth and size rapidly.

However, most guys simply don’t know how to use it, well, let me tell you about the amounts that have helped so many of my male readers increase their breasts size and firmness:

To have male breast growth using bovine ovary, you need to ingest a minimum of four capsules a day.

with other powerful supplements as well, here is what to do:

How to Use Bovine Ovary for Male Breast Growth

The first thing is to have two capsules of bovine ovary in the morning with one cup of water.

Then, I want you to have a typical breakfast.

Please, I want you to enjoy an extensive breakfast since it will give your body essential nutrients and fats which are going to build up breast tissue in your chest.

When you are done with your breakfast, I simply want you to have two capsules of saw palmetto extracts; this herb is also potent in terms of reducing testosterone interference with your breast tissue and most importantly, it’s also increases breasts growth very rapidly.

And before going to bed, I simply want you to have two capsules of bovine ovary with a large glass of water.

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