In this article, you will learn exactly how to use castor oil for breast enlargement.

Castor Oil and Breast Enlargement

Indeed, I have spent many years trying to find the best products and ingredients to use in order to increase my breast size, and as you will learn later on in this post, I didn’t have a good start when it comes to the breast department, I had a flat chest for a large part of my life, and I felt horrible about it!

This is just to tell you that I know what I’m talking about, I have been there, I have suffered and been ridiculed over and over because of the way my chest looked, in fact, I looked like a teenage boy.

However, there is hope, and you can use different ingredients and recipes to start increasing your breast size naturally and without worrying about side effects or health consequences, of course, I’m going to give you later on the right dosage to have all these breast enhancements.

Can Castor Oil Increase Breast Size?

Well, the straight answer is yes, however, it’s not what you expect!

I know that this answer is going to sound somehow very confusing, but it’s the truth, castor oil is going to increase your breasts size, however, it’s not the best ingredient to achieve this!

Yes, castor oil will increase your breast size, but they are not going to reach their best fullness and perkiness with it, in other words, it’s not the best thing to use to increase your breast size, sorry!

You see, I have tried probably hundreds of ingredients, supplements, creams, and different natural herbs in order to increase my breasts size and let me tell you that the ones that really work are quite unknown to most women.

When I was just eleven years old, I dreamt of puberty, I wanted to have large breasts and even though my sister and cousins had small breasts, I was hoping to be the exception, that one day, my breasts would grow larger and bigger and I would wear revealing tops and swimsuits and have an amazing cleavage… needless to say, I was extremely disappointed.

Around the age of twelve, I began having my period, I told my mom about it, and I still can’t forget the look in her eyes, the way she looked at me and most importantly, the way she looked at my chest!

I knew that she saw nothing; I knew that she saw it was flat and empty!

This is just to tell you that I have been there, I had a flat chest throughout my whole life and I couldn’t get it to grow in size, this was the main reason why I kept trying product after product in order to see what works and whether I was doomed or not.

And I’m sorry to say this, I also tried castor oil for so many months and it only made my breasts increase in size slightly, I’m not trying to discourage you, castor oil has been a tremendous ingredient for your breasts, but when it comes to increasing their size, it’s not the best to use.

However, in the beginning of this article, I have told you that I would show you a fantastic way to increase your breasts size using castor on, so, what am I doing?

Am I lying to you?

Absolutely not, I will show you exactly what combination of herbs and ingredients to add to castor oil in order to make it a super ingredient when it comes to increasing your breasts size.

You see, castor oil is lack a fantastic compound when it comes to increasing your breasts size, and it’s phytoestrogens!

If you haven’t heard of phytoestrogens and phytohormones yet, then, you are in for a big surprise, they are plant hormones, in other words, they look very similar to female hormones, with one exception, they do not cause side effects that are associated with female hormones.

So, if you are scared of cancer, breast pain or ovarian problems, then, you have nothing to worry about because plant hormones have been present in human diets for thousands of years, in fact, the herbs I’m going to share with you in this post, the ones that you need to mix with your castor oil in order to turn it into a super ingredient when it comes to increasing your breasts size have been known to humans for thousands of years and even better, they have been used as a staple food throughout many cultures in the world.

This is the main issue I have with castor oil; it doesn’t contain lots of phytoestrogens, the compounds responsible for increasing our breasts size.

I have already talked about this in many of my previous posts, that most women who have small breasts have a problem with their hormones, say it differently, their hormones are out of balance and they need a rapid solution.

Trust me, if you do not take care of your hormones, it’s not just your breasts that are going to suffer, and you will also have troubles with hair growth and even having children!

I’m really trying to open your eyes about what’s probably going on in your body, you see, when I was just twenty-four years old, I started noticing my hair becoming very weird, it started getting oily and even worse, it started losing its thickness and soon, I was nearly bald!

When I checked with many dermatologists, I was asked to do lots of blood work which all indicated that I had issues with different hormone levels!

Needless to tell you, I resorted to hormonal shots, different pills, and even worse, I started taking contraceptive pills which caused my mood to become very unstable!

One time, I was happy and extremely nice to people, and suddenly, I became very irritated and I started crying because of something that happened ten years ago!

This is just to tell you that I tried different solutions in order to fix my hormonal issues and unfortunately, I had terrible results, my hair kept thinning and my body looked like that of teenage boy.

I wasn’t feeling great about myself and my self-image was completely shattered.

Yes, I was young, depressed, and feeling very ugly.

Having weird hormones is no joke, it can really ruin your life, no matter what I studied and how much I earned, I always felt incomplete with my flat boobs.

So, the solution for me was not taking pills or using shots, it was finding a natural cure in order to regulate my hormones and most importantly, in order to increase the size of my boobs and look amazing.

That’s how I discovered the amazing herbs I’m going to tell you about in this post, the ones that have literally saved my body from looking like that of a teenage boy.

Now, back to our subject, what does it take to make castor oil work at increasing your breast size?

So, I have already told you that castor oil does not have a lot of phytoestrogens, however, let’s not forget that it can also work at increasing our breast size, this means that you don’t need to add a lot of ingredients in order to make it into a super breasts enlarging compound.

We just need the right dosage and most importantly, the right way to apply it on our breasts, I will also tell you later on in this post what other routines you need to follow on a daily basis, most importantly, what herbs you need to take every morning in order to achieve optimum breasts growth.

I really believe that when you add the right nutrients to your body, and most importantly, when you feed your breasts correctly with the right elements, they are going to increase in size, no matter how they look right now.

So, here are the ingredients I want you to use in order to make the best castor oil for breast enlargement:

  1.       Ten tablespoons organic castor oil
  2.       One tablespoon pueraria mirifica powder
  3.       One tablespoon ground fenugreek seeds
  4.       And one tablespoon ground soybeans

Some of these ingredients may be difficult to get, like ground soybeans and pueraria mirifica powder, this is the reason why I want you to shop for them online, in fact, I cannot find them in my local health food stores or herbalists, I always need to get them online, one more very important thing, I want you to only get the organic ones.

Stay away from conventionally grown ingredients and castor oil, they contain too many pesticides and other powerful chemical compounds that are nasty for our bodies, remember that you are going to apply this oil directly onto your breasts, which are very fragile organs and can get damage very rapidly if you don’t know what you are doing.

I really hope that I’m not scaring you, but I want you to understand that increasing your breasts size can be very fun and also extremely easy once you start applying the right ingredients and most importantly, once you start noticing how your breasts are going to look in the future, this can be very stimulating and it can also increase your willpower to do more work in order to improve your breast size and volume, however, without the right ingredients, you are simply wasting your time and even worse, you may be putting your health in danger’s way.

My advice is very simple, consider this as an investment, you need to shop for only the best products and avoid cheap quality ones.

I have a rule:

If a product is cheaply made, has a cheap package for example, I simply avoid it, even better, if it comes from an unknown brand, I don’t use it at all, I only gave my body the best ingredients.

So, castor oil can increase your breasts size if you add the ingredients I have listed to it, since they are extremely rich in helpful and healing phytoestrogens.

How to Use Castor Oil on Your Breast

Here is what I want you to do:

First of all, you will need to heat your castor oil, not too high, just a little, just make it a little warm, if you cannot touch it then don’t use it!

If your castor oil is too hot, then you have to destroy the nutritious elements found in it.

I personally put my castor oil in a glass bowl and I put it in the microwave for just thirty seconds, if you don’t like microwaving stuff, then simply put it on the stove for a couple of seconds, then, I add to it the pueraria mirifica, fenugreek seeds and soybeans, I mix everything very well for a minimum of two minutes or until everything has incorporated very well and then I put in my fridge, covered, for a minimum of two days.

This is extremely important because castor oil is a fatty substance, it’s going to absorb the nutritious elements, especially the phytoestrogens found in these ingredients, and to do so, it needs time.

So, the best way for you to use castor oil in order to increase your breasts size is to add to it powerful plant hormones, the ones responsible for increasing breast size in many women.

Now, after two or three days, reheat your castor oil and strain it using a cheesecloth for example or a fine stainless steel strainer, try to get rid of as much pulp as possible.

Castor Oil for Saggy Breast

Every night, before going to bed, simply take one teaspoon and massage your breasts very gently with it, make sure you do so for at least three minutes.

One more very important thing, stay away from using too much pressure on your boobs, this can be very damaging and can also lead to breast drainage, in other words, your breasts becoming flatter!

Of course, we don’t want this happening, so, be as gentle as possible, and only use the tip of your fingers, if you feel pressure, then, you are doing it incorrectly, it should feel like a caress.

Castor Oil for Breast Firming

Another amazing benefit of using castor oil for increasing your breast size is it can really increase your breast firmness very rapidly.

What’s amazing about the castor oil recipe I have just given to you is it contains large amounts of phytoestrogens, these elements are going to seep inside your breasts and activate your breast tissues in order to engorge them with water and most importantly, with fats, this will give you the most long-term results.

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