You’ll find in this post the right way to use clove oil for breast enlargement.

So, here is an idea to think about, a woman needs to look beautiful, and breasts are one of the most critical signs of her beauty, however, many are deprived of these “assets” simply because of their size. Yes, if you have small boobs, you are not going to look beautiful, end of the discussion. I know, pretty harsh, but so true!

Clove Oil for Breast Enlargement, A How-to Guide

No matter what people around you are going to tell you that beauty comes from within.

That physical beauty isn’t important as long as you are nice, trust me, I have been there, it’s not true!

I had small breasts in the past, and I felt horrible.

Trust me.

If you ask people around me, they are all going to tell you that I’m a very nice and giving person.

I can be very sweet, and I can also listen for many long hours, this is just to show you that I was “beautiful” within.

However, I wasn’t unattractive!

Well, I think that most people are dead wrong when it comes to beauty.

They confuse it with “attractiveness”, well, for us women, being attractive is synonymous of being beautiful.

This is the reason why I pushed myself to increase my breasts size.

And this is also the reason why I’m writing this article today, to show you how to increase your breasts size naturally and without hurting yourself.

You cannot have beauty nor attractiveness without beautiful breasts, that’s just truth.

Men around the world are all going to tell you that flat boots aren’t very attractive.

It’s no wonder many women have low self-esteem; it’s because being attractive is wired into our self-image.

We cannot feel happy unless we are desired, and someone is attracted to us, we need attention.

We need people, especially good-looking guys, to be interested in us.

Yes, no matter what people around us are going to say, we are not superficial, being attractive is being alive for us women.

Other Ingredients

So, back to our subject.

In this post, I will tell you about the ingredients I had used over and over that gave me fantastic results when it came to breasts enlargement.

And one of the most powerful ones I have ever tried is, as the title suggests, clove oil.

So, in this post, I will tell you exactly how you can use clove oil for breast enlargement.

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

Still, most importantly, I will tell you about other ingredients you need to add that will increase your results and overall breasts firmness as well.

To achieve optimum breast growth, clove oil is one of the best ingredients you can use; it’s very cheap and most importantly: it works.

However, most women don’t know why it’s so fantastic when it comes to increasing breast size!

Well, the answer lies in phytosterols.

These are kinds of hormones that our body interprets into different bodily functions.

When it comes to our breasts size:

Phytosterols and phytoestrogens are the most common factors that have a direct effect on growth and also volume.

However, because there are so many phytoestrogens found in nature.

It can be very difficult to understand what plants possess the most abundant amounts and more importantly.

What quantities a woman must take to increase her breast growth and size rapidly and without side effects.

The first thing you need to understand right now is that clove oil, unfortunately, is not the best ingredient you can use for increasing your breast size.

I know, I have written that it’s fantastic when it comes to this purpose, and I still believe every word I have written so far, but I want you to understand one very simple thing:

There are so many ingredients you can use when it comes to increasing your breast size.

indeed, clove oil can be seen as very weak once you compare to other stronger and more phytoestrogen concentrated herbs and ingredients!

Nevertheless, it’s very easy to use and what makes clove oil so fantastic when it comes to increasing breast size is that it lasts for a long time if you know how to store it.

And it’s also very cheap.

How To Use Clove Oil For Increasing Your Breast Size?

Well, the most important thing you need to understand right now is to stay away from the store-bought clove oil and never to use it for breast enlargement.

It’s because most clove oil brands sold nowadays are very powerful.

In other words, they are going to increase inflammations on your skin and can even damage your breasts!

I know that this is not exactly what you are looking to achieve!

So, the first thing you need to do right now is to stay away from using store-bought clove oil.

As it’s only going to cause you side effects and other health problems as well.

On the other hand, I want you to focus on making your own.

I know that making your clove oil may seem like a very difficult task.

Trust me.

It’s not, it’s very easy and more importantly because you will be using quality ingredients and quality carrier oils.

Don’t worry, I’m going to explain everything later on in this article, you are 100 per cent guaranteed that your breasts are not going to be harmed and that your skin is going to stay beautiful and firm all the time.

What about Store-Bought Clove Oil for Breast Enlargement?

I’m still convinced that using store-bought clove oil is a mistake.

However, because a lot of women don’t have the time nor the convenience to make their own in the comfort of their home.

I believe that in some situations if you are very careful, you can use store-bought clove oil, this also applies to clove oil you can buy online.

However, there is just one simple thing you need to always have in mind: always understand that you are using a very powerful ingredient.

It can hurt your breasts very badly if you abuse it; in other words, I don’t want you to use it directly on your breasts.

Let me tell you a little story that happened to me many years ago:

Clove Oil for Breast Enlargement: The Right Dosage

It’s not about clove oil, but it’s very similar.

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

I read amazing things about a powerful essential oil, and I thought that it would be very beneficial for breast enlargement.

So, I bought it online and started using one teaspoon a day on both of my breasts.

Well, to most people, one teaspoon a day is going to sound very small, and not very powerful.

However, just four days later, my breasts became very sensitive, and I couldn’t sleep.

They got so inflamed and so painful that my husband told me to go to the hospital!

Long story short, I stopped using that essential oil once and for all, and lo and behold, just five days later, my breasts were fine.

However, they had red marks on them for nearly two months, and I was truly scared that this essential oil may have caused internal damages.

This is the reason why I’ve told you to avoid using clove oil directly on your breasts.

It’s because it’s an essential oil, it’s very powerful, and it can destroy your breasts and cause them lots of damages and inflammations.

However, if you cannot make your own, you just need to dilute it using the following ratio: 1:10.

In other words, for every one drop of clove oil you want to use, to make it breasts enlargement safe, you need to mix it with ten drops of olive oil or any other healthy carrier oil you have.

And this is the reason why I want you to make your clove on, trust me, it’s not very difficult, you just need the spice, and I will tell you later on how you can make it.

Now, the next thing I want you to understand is that clove oil needs to be mixed with other ingredients, and here, I’m talking about other plants that are rich in phytoestrogens.

More precisely, I want you to mix your clove oil with fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds are very powerful when it comes to increasing your breasts size.

And this is the reason why I have always advise women to start drinking it daily in order to keep their breasts firm and in perfect shape all the time.

However, you need to understand one very simple thing about these seeds:

They tend to be very strong and can cause serious blood pressure problems, but this only happens when you use too much, and by too much, I mean many teaspoons a day.

Don’t worry, the recipe I’m going to share with you has been used by other women I know and me, and it works.

Most importantly, it’s very safe to use.

However, since you will be making a very powerful oil, you need to understand that you have only to use great quality ingredients.

And most importantly, great quality carrier oils.

How to Make Clove Oil for Breast Enlargement

So, this is the right way to make clove oil for breast enlargement:

First of all, start by grinding one teaspoon of whole cloves in a powerful spice grinder for two minutes.

Trust me.

This is a must to break the fibre in cloves.

As the carrier oil can easily absorb the phytoestrogens and phytosterols.

Next, I want you to take a clean glass jar and add to it three tablespoons of olive oil.

You should stay away from using virgin or extra virgin olive oil because it tends to be very expensive and we don’t need this great quality.

On the other hand, we only need a good carrier oil, so, any olive oil you have should do the trick as long as it doesn’t smell very strong.

Now, let’s talk about the other ingredients we need: fennel seeds.

In the same spice grinder, I want you also to grind one teaspoon of fennel seeds for two minutes minimum.

Then, mix all your three ingredients, ground cloves, ground fennel seeds, and olive oil in your glass jar.

Make sure everything is well combined, then, close the lid and put it in your fridge for a minimum of three days.

When you are done, after three days, make sure you filter everything out and only leave the oil.

How to Apply Clove Oil for Breast Enlargement

Now, here is how you can use this powerful clove oil for breast enlargement:

Every day, when you wake up, I want you to simply take two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds, which is a must because it’s so rich in phytoestrogens and it’s also very powerful when it comes to increasing your breasts size, and I want you to swallow with one glass of water.

I have always advised my female readers to have two teaspoons minimum of ground fenugreek seeds daily to increase their breasts size.

Because it works and it’s also very safe.

Plus, it has absolutely no side effects.

Even better, fenugreek seeds have been used by humans for thousands of years and are completely safe, especially for women.

Then, when you are done, simply take one teaspoon of pure, powerful clove oil and massage your breasts very gently.

But please, make sure you do not use lots of pressure because your breasts are not to be harmed.

I’m going to explain to you why:

You see, the aim behind increasing our breasts size is to increase liquids and fats retention in them.

And to do so, we need to stimulate breast tissues using phytoestrogens.

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

Well, by applying clove oil while using pressure on your breasts, you will simply drain them of liquids and fats.

Which is very counterproductive if you ask me.

So, here is what I want you to do.

Always apply clove oil on your breasts using the tip of your three fingers, never use a lot of strength.

And most importantly, never press your breasts, it should feel like a caress on them.

So, make sure you use a minimum of one teaspoon on your breasts, both, then, massage very gently until most of the oil is absorbed, and this should take about 3 to 5 minutes.

When you are done, simply take a dry paper cloth and get rid of as much fat as possible from your breasts.

I apply a good breast enlargement oil before I go to bed.

This is very powerful, and it’s also extremely convenient since I do not go to work smelling like cloves and other herbs.

However, you should understand that anytime you apply this powerful breasts enlargement oil.

You need to rest for a minimum of fifteen minutes. This is very important since it’s going to relax your breasts and allow them to regain their volume after a good massage.

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