In this post, I will tell you exactly how you can use evening primrose for breast growth and enlargement.

Evening Primrose and Breast Growth

The idea of using evening primrose for increasing your breast may seem scary since a lot of women are not accustomed to using or hearing about this herb.

Especially when it comes to increasing breast size.

However, what I want you to understand here is that this powerful herb is not only going to increase your breast size; it’s also going to make your breasts look amazing.

By keeping their skin elastic, firm, and, most importantly, very perky.

What do I mean by this?

Well, the idea is quite easy to understand:

Does Evening Primrose Increase Breast Size?

Evening primrose has been used for a very long time to keep our skin very healthy.

After all, it’s very rich in essential elements such as vitamin E.

Most importantly, it contains lots of stimulating compounds.

These are going to keep your skin very healthy while also protecting it from damaging sun rays and pollutants in the environment.

But this is not the subject of this article.

Here, I want to tell you about how you can use this powerful ingredient to increase your breast size, nothing else and nothing more.

Evening Primrose Benefit for Breast Enlargement

Indeed, before finding about different oils and different natural organic compounds to use to increase my breast size, I was depressed.

I had an extremely flat chest, and I felt horrible about myself every single day!

I felt as if I was a boy, with nothing to show for, I had no breast size, and I felt like a misfit.

Needless to tell you, I didn’t dare go out or, even worse, go to the beach when it was beautiful outside.

I just feared the way people looked at me.

Well, after having so many social incidents about my small breasts.

Especially that I have been ridiculed since early puberty about the way my body looked.

I decided that enough was enough; I needed a solution!

So, I started looking into what was causing my small breasts.

Soon, I realized, after consulting with many doctors, that the main issue was my hormones.

Indeed, I wasn’t producing enough hormones; I had a problem that needed urgent attention.

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In fact, after visiting many doctors, it was confirmed that I would have difficulties conceiving!

Let alone increasing my breast size!

This did not only mean that I was going to have small breasts throughout my whole life, but I may never have children!

So, I decided to find a solution to find a cure.

That’s why I followed so many doctors’ prescriptions.

I did shots, I even took contraceptive pills, and I even considered surgery to increase my breast size since nothing seemed to work!

Well, I’m not going to tell you that I self-medicated.

It was all under the supervision of professional medical staff.

However, deep down, I felt that this process was taking too long and that I had so many troubles in making my breasts increase in size.

That’s why I started trying different herbs and natural remedies.

At first, I thought that extracts, supplements, and breast enlargement products were going to do the trick for me.

So, I kept on buying everything and anything which had the label “increase breast size” on it.

Unfortunately, nothing seemed to work.

And I soon realized that I was just wasting my time, and even worse, all the money I have spent did not serve anything.

I was left with shrinking breasts.

Everything changed when my grandmother told me about how weak my body was.

Indeed, it runs on my female side of the family.

Nearly all the women in my family have small breasts, my aunts, and even my sister.

I had a deep realization when I saw that my mother, in her fifties, had beautiful, firm, and very generous breasts!

So, I kept thinking about this, and I asked my grandmother about it.

She confirmed that my mother when she was my age, she started consuming different herbs and applying homemade creams to her breasts, which made them increase in size.

I’m telling you this to make you realize that you are not a lost cause.

You can increase your breast size; I did it.

I used different herbs and creams, and they gave me amazing results.

And I’m sure if you have the same perseverance and the same techniques as I did, you are too going to increase your breast size too.

How To Use Evening Primrose for Breast Enlargement?

Well, this is the thing I have asked myself over and over in the past.

And I’m sorry to say, even though this powerful herb may seem extremely beneficial to your breast size, you need other ingredients.

This is the thing I noticed about most women who are trying to use evening primrose to increase their breast size: they use it alone!

Well, if you want to increase your breast size and cause enlargement, you need to use other ingredients.

This is the same thing I realized many years ago.

I started to notice that whenever I used an ingredient alone, my breasts would only increase in size a little.

But when I combined different ones, I would notice huge improvements in size and firmness as well.

And this is exactly what I want you to understand:

Increasing your breast size is not a one ingredient process!

You are not going to find a single ingredient or a magical pill, which is going to increase your breast size very rapidly.

You need different herbs, a good chest exercise routine, and a good diet to have permanent breast enlargement.

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I’m sorry to say this, but if you are expecting an easy solution, then you are simply trying to fool yourself.

Because natural breast growth is very complex, it needs time, and it also needs lots of attention.

Remember this:

Your hormones are wacky, that’s why you have small breasts.

Even though you may think otherwise, your hormones are completely responsible for your breast size.

So, here is what I want you to do right now:

Instead of thinking of using one or two ingredients to increase your breast size, I want you to use a combination.

Which I’m going to share with you right now.

So, here is the same process I have used over and over to increase my breast size.

I know it’s going to help you tremendously; after all, it helped me a lot, and it also helped other women I know who had a small breast.

But thanks to this process, they have increased their size by at least two cups, and it’s not very difficult if you know what to do.

So, the first step I want you to do is the following:

When you wake up, I want you to do five minutes of chest stretching exercises.

This is the minimum because it’s going to increase blood flow to your breast while also stimulates tissue regeneration near your chest area.

Which is extremely important to increase your size.

Next, you need to take two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds.

Which is one of the most powerful herbs you can use to increase your breast size rapidly.

Yes, they are not great in taste, but they are very powerful when it comes to increasing your breast size.

I want you to have these herbs daily.

The next step is to have a very large breakfast, consisting mainly of carbohydrates, lots of fats, and most importantly, lots of sugar.

Yes, carbohydrates are the same thing as sugar.

Don’t be scared!

That’s when I say carbohydrates; I mean complex ones, like in bread, pasta, or rice.

So, you need to eat lots of bread in the morning while also indulging yourself in lots of sugary foods, such as jam or honey.

Next, go on with your day, and during lunch, again, you need to consume lots of bread or pasta.

Remember this, when you are trying to increase your breast size; you need to increase your caloric intake.

And most importantly, you need to have lots of energy throughout the day to be the most productive and also the healthiest.

It’s because your breasts are not going to increase in size if you have very little energy.

Evening Primrose Oil Breast Enlargement

One of the most powerful essential oils you can use to increase your breast size is evening primrose.

In this section, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can use this amazing fatty acid to improve your breast size.

More importantly, how you can use it without side effects and while also getting fast results.

Evening Primrose Oil Benefits Breast Growth

As mentioned before, evening primrose is fantastic because it contains a lot of vitamin E.

This makes it a valuable ingredient when it comes to increasing your breast size, especially knowing that this nutrient is also going to help your skin stay tuned and elastic.

What’s also amazing about evening primrose oil is that it’s very cheap.

For example, a good organic primrose oil costs around fifteen dollars, which is dirt cheap compared to other breast enlargement products.

Even worse, most of these products do not work at all.

However, when it comes to evening primrose when you use it the right way, it’s going to increase your breast size, no water what you do.

Though there is one thing I want you to understand about this fantastic essential oil:

You should always add other phytoestrogen-rich ingredients to your daily routine.

And here, I want you to focus on the word daily!

It’s because a lot of women are going to think that breast enlargement is a one thing deal!

In other words, they can take one pill for two or three days, and then, they are going to wake up with large breasts!

It doesn’t work like this!

You need efforts and lots of perseverance and dedication.

So, I have always advised my readers to remember the following:

Always try to add other phytoestrogen-rich elements your daily breast enlargement routine.

And here, I’m talking about ground fenugreek seeds.

Throughout this website, I have mentioned this fantastic herb over and over because it works.

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It’s not only very powerful when it comes to increasing your breast size, but it’s also very safe to use.

Evening Primrose Oil Breast Firmness

And the wonderful thing about adding other phytoestrogen-rich herbs daily to your diet and your routine is that they are going to add firmness and strength to your breast.

Which is very important.

In the past, when I succeeded in increasing my breast size, I realized that they were or saggy and very loose!

Indeed, our breast is covered in skin after all, and not taking good care of this outer layer is going to result in them becoming very loose and saggy.

Trust me; it’s not very pretty.

So my advice is the following:

I want you to use the evening primrose oil method I’m going to share with you later on in this post, it’s the one I have used, and it’s very powerful.

Even more importantly, if you have a saggy breast, try to double the amounts I recommend.

How to Use Evening Primrose Oil for Breast Enlargement 

Well, before going to bed, I want you to simply apply half a teaspoon of evening primrose essential oil to your right breast and massage very gently, then apply another half to your left one.

The idea here is that you need to arm yourself with lots of patience and lots of willpower; otherwise, you are not going to increase your size very rapidly.


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