In this post, I’m going to explain to you exactly how you can use fennel tea to increase your breast size rapidly and without side effects.

Fennel Seeds Tea for Breast Enlargement

The first thing you need to understand about me is that I have used fennel tea for a very long time, in fact, I’m still using it every single day in order to maintain my breasts’ size and to keep my boobs full and perky.

So, I know what I’m talking about, I have been experimenting with different herbs and different ingredients in order to increase my breasts size and I have done so very successfully, and in this article, I’m going to lay down the blueprint of exactly what I have used in order to achieve this rapid growth and enlargement, and I’m going to show you how you can use fennel seed in order to increase and also maintain breasts volume.

Some of the information you may read here may seem quite strange and difficult to grasp, but I want you to understand one very important thing:

Increasing your breast size naturally takes work and some efforts, so, if you don’t understand something, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section below this article, I will be extremely happy to help you.

Does Fennel Tea Increase Breast Size?

The short answer is no!

I know that this is going to sound strange and somehow contradict what I have just told you a few lines ago, that it is amazing at increasing your breast size!

The truth is that fennel tea is fantastic only when used with other herbs as I’m going to explain later on in this post.

The most important thing you need to understand right now is that fennel tea alone does not increase your breast size that much!

I have been using different herbs and ingredients to increase my breasts size for a very long time, more than five years now and I know without a single doubt what works and what doesn’t, and let me tell you straightforward now that fennel seeds are not the best herbs when it comes to increasing your breasts size.

In fact, from what I have used and experienced with, saw palmetto and fenugreek seeds are the best herbs you can use for increasing your breast size, not fennel seeds.

So, why bother?

Please, do not lose hope, I’m going to show you later on in this post how you can use fennel seeds with other ingredients to nearly double your breasts size very rapidly and without any side effects, but before I can do so, I need to give you the full truth and I want you to understand exactly what is at stake.

I have read so many articles and forum posts on the internet that deal with the subject of breast enlargement and most of the time; it’s just a random person sharing a scrambled recipe without any explanations.

I don’t want to do this, I want you to understand the full picture and I truly believe that whenever a person understands the process, he or she is going to be much more involved and will also have a much more powerful drive and motivation to see results.

Fennel Tea Benefits For Breast Growth

Well, fennel tea is very powerful as well, but only as a complementary herbal preparation when it comes to increasing your breast size.

You see, there are so many products and ingredients sold nowadays that are going to advertise the benefits of using fennel in order to increase your breasts size, well, this increase is only going to be minimal at best!

Most often, when you start using fennel tea on a daily basis, you are going to notice that your breasts are going to get firmer and you will also start to notice a small increase in size, however, when you use fennel seeds with the ingredients I’m going to share with you later on in this post, besides fenugreek seeds, your breasts are going to increase very rapidly in growth and volume.

And this is exactly what most women are getting frustrated with when using fennel to increase their breast size!

It works so slowly, and most of the time, they can’t even notice it!

So, does this mean that you should stay away from using fennel tea and only focus on fenugreek seeds and saw palmetto?

Well, absolutely not, I want you to use fennel tea as well because it adds firmness and perkiness to your breasts and will also help them get engorged with liquids and fats much more rapidly, which is the aim of every breast enlargement product and technique in my opinion.

Now, let me tell you exactly how you can use fennel tea for breast enlargement.

To use fennel tea for breast growth, you need to first understand how it works and why it increases your breast size.

Well, fennel seeds and other herbs I’m going to share with you in this post are full of phytoestrogens, in other words, plant hormones that resemble human estrogens with the added benefit of not causing side effects and other health issues that are usually associated with these organic compounds.

You see, the big problem with our hormones, mainly estrogens, is they contain a large risk to our sexual organs, breasts, ovaries, and uterus!

Estrogens have long been linked to dangerous health issues such as cancer and even cardiovascular problems, this is very worrying, however, it’s not the same as with phytoestrogens found in fennel seed and other herbs as well.

These simply resemble real estrogens, in other words, they are going to saturate estrogen receptors in sexual organs and prevent them from getting overloaded and suffering terrible side effects because of this.

So, in the end, fennel seed and other breast enlargement herbs are going to prevent dangerous health issues and side effects from affecting your body.

Most importantly, fennel seeds are also loaded with antioxidants; these are the same molecules that give it its perfumed fragrance and sweet aroma.

Drinking Fennel Tea for Breast Enlargement

There are so many techniques you can use that rely on drinking fennel tea to increase your breasts size, but the reality is that most of them are very time-consuming and require a lot of efforts and dedication to making them work, in other words, the people using these techniques will likely forget to use them by the third day.

Indeed, this is the most disappointing thing I always find in breast enlargement recipes, they require too many steps, too much time, and they have very little results to show for.

Instead, I personally prefer to use fennel tea with other herbs that will multiply its effects on my breasts and make it much more powerful at giving me extra volume and firmness very fast:

And this is exactly what I do:

Every day, when I wake up, I have a minimum of two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds, these are also loaded with phytoestrogens in fact, they are much more loaded with these important plant hormones than any other herbs I have ever used to increase my breasts size, what’s also amazing about them is that they do not cause side effects, apart from fenugreek sweat that you can get rid of using any good deodorant, and more importantly, they are very rich in fiber and antioxidants.

Of course, they are also very cheap and personally, I do not use fenugreek capsules as they tend to be a little weak and will also cause side effects such as gas, whereas ground fenugreek seeds do not cause any side effects.

This is the first thing I do in the morning; I then drink a minimum of one cup of water to hydrate my body and to ease digestion.

Then, I have a very large breakfast with bread, eggs, some fruits, and olive oil, and most importantly, I have a morning smoothie with lots of greens such as kale and spinach or broccoli, ripe bananas and lots of soy milk.

Fennel Tea for Breast Enhancement

I have already shared many smoothie recipes in this website that works amazingly well at increasing breast size, but in general, to make a powerful breasts enlargement smoothie, you just need soy milk, ripe bananas, and any other ingredients you like such as seeds, nuts, or just greens.

The most important thing here should be soy milk as it also contains large amounts of phytoestrogens, which are probably the most important compound you should focus on whenever you are trying to increase your breast size and firmness naturally and without side effects.

For now, just remember this, I do not drink fennel tea in the morning, instead, I have two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds, they are the most efficient herbs you can start the day with to increase your breasts size.

This brings me to lunch.

I have a usually large lunch with beans or different proteins such as meat or chicken and I also have lots of bread, whole wheat bread to be exact.

This helps my digestion tremendously while also helping my cholesterol levels and blood pressure as well.

Now, you may be wondering: when do you have your fennel tea?

Well, I usually have fennel tea in the evening.

When I’m about to leave work, I have one cup of fennel tea, trust me, it’s very relaxing and it’s also amazingly effective at keeping my breasts full and perky all the time.

This is the reason why I love fennel tea so much!

When I drink fennel tea, I feel my breasts getting firmer and fuller almost immediately.

At first, I didn’t think it had anything to do with this, but then a lot of women started reporting this to me on email and also when I talked to them on Skype, drinking fennel tea is associated with an increase in breast fullness and firmness.

The Right Fennel Tea Dosage to Increase Your Breasts Size

Well, the best dosage you can use in order to increase your breast size is a minimum of one fennel tea bag with one cup of warm water.

Don’t worry, I’m going to explain to you exactly how to make fennel tea for increasing your breast size later on in this post, but for now, just remember that one tea bag is more than enough for increasing your breasts size.

Fennel Tea Side Effects for Breast Enhancement

Well, as far as side effects are concerned, if you consume too much fennel tea, more than eight tea bags a day, which I used to do in the past, you may notice a drop in your blood pressure and you may also start to feel a little dizzy.

I do not recommend exceeding two fennel tea bags a day, it’s more than enough in order to increase your breast size, volume and firmness rapidly, and if you’d like to get faster results, you can simply increase your fenugreek intake from two teaspoons a day as mentioned some few paragraphs ago to three teaspoons, it’s more than enough.

How to Make Fennel Tea for Breast Enlargement

The best recipe I have found so far is in the next paragraphs, it doesn’t require any sweeteners, but if you want, you can use whatever sweetener you want, I prefer plain old sugar, but I have stopped doing so because I want to lose some weight and I want to keep my breasts in shape and very firm, so I’ve limited my carbohydrate intake.

So, here is how to make the best fennel tea for increasing your breasts size:

Simply take one fennel tea bag, and brew it in one cup of warm water.

And I really emphasize on your water temperature, it should always be warm, do not use hot water because it will simply destroy most of the active ingredients and compounds found in fennel seeds.

If you cannot put your finger in water, then, it should not be used to brew fennel tea.

Then, simply add your teabag to your warm water and leave it for a minimum of fifteen minutes, don’t forget to stir from time to time.

The thing with fennel tea is that it takes time to release all its wonderful nutrients and compounds in the warm water, so, if you brew it rapidly, you will be throwing away most of the nutrients out, however, if you give it time to release its amazing organic compounds into the warm water, for example, leave it for fifteen minutes, then, you are going to be surprised with how great it will taste and most importantly, how wonderful it will make your breasts look.

Fennel Tea With whole Fennel Seeds

If you are against using fennel teabags, you can simply grind fennel seeds and mix them with warm water, however, I have to warn you, if you do not grind your seeds very finely, you are not going to get a lot of nutrients from them.

It’s very simple to understand, fennel seeds can be very tough and hard, especially if you are using a weak spice grinder, this will prevent them from releasing all their powerful phytoestrogens and essential organic compounds into the warm water, these are the same compounds responsible for increasing your breasts size, and this is exactly why I love using fennel tea bags, they are much more convenient, they do not lose their strength rapidly and most importantly for me, they do not cause a mess.

I have tried using ground fennel seeds in the past to make fennel tea and although it tasted nice, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience since I had to spit bits and pieces of fennel seeds every now and then!

Fennel and Fenugreek Tea for Breast Enlargement

If you truly are dedicated to increasing your breast size very rapidly, you can change my fennel tea recipe a little by adding one fenugreek tea bag as well.

So, it goes like this:

You take one cup of warm water to which you are going to add your favorite sweetener, then, you add one fennel tea bag and a fenugreek one at the same time, then, you let everything brew for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

Although this tea recipe is not going to be very tasty in terms of aromas because fenugreek tends to be a little bitter, at least in my opinion, I assure you that it’s extremely powerful when it comes to increasing your breasts volume and firmness rapidly because you are going to be adding much more phytoestrogens and other essential organic compounds that are so beneficial to your breasts size and firmness.

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