In this post, I’ll show you how to use flaxseed oil for increasing your breast size without side effects.

Yes, flaxseed oil made my breasts bigger and it’s one of the safest fatty substances you can use to increase your breast size; unfortunately, it’s not going to work very quickly, especially if you don’t know how to use it!

Flaxseed Oil Benefits Breast Enlargement

flaxseed Oil Capsules

Flaxseed oil capsules are one of the easiest supplements you can take to increase your breast size. They’re an essential part of my breast growth daily routine.

In other words, it’s very safe to use on your breasts, it’s going to give you amazing growth and volume, however, when it comes to “great” results, that most women want, larger and fuller breasts, I have to say that flaxseed oil is not the best solution you can use!

Wait a second?!

We have been told for years that flaxseed oil is very beneficial, as it contains lots of essential fatty acids, even to our breasts, so, should we avoid using it for increasing our breast size?

The answer is no!

I believe that flaxseed oil, if used correctly, can be one of the best and safest ingredients to increase breasts growth; however, everything lies in its proper use.

For example, if you only apply flaxseed oil directly onto your breasts and hope to get larger and firmer volume, then, you are wasting a valuable resource, and you will not achieve any positive growth!

I don’t want to lie to you; I don’t want to write an entire article and tell you that “flaxseed oil works at increasing your breast size, and you just need to apply one or two drops on each breast every morning for three minutes”!

No, I’m not interested in telling you stories, I want you to understand that I have been there and I will only tell you things I have experienced first hand, myself.

I have struggled with my breast size for many years.

I used to be ridiculed because of the way my chest looked.

So, I’m not interested in lying to you!

Instead, I want to show you what works, from my own experience and that of thousands of women who have tried my natural breast enlargement routine.

Flaxseed oil is not “the” best ingredient you can use, however, with the right combination of herbs and proper techniques, it can work at increasing your breast size very fast.

Also, it’s extremely safe, and well accepted by our skin and bodies.

Even better, it has those fantastic fatty acids which our breasts love and store very efficiently.

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So, if you use flaxseed oil correctly, you are going to have larger breasts, guaranteed.

Just follow my instructions!

Remember, I have been there and I know what works and what doesn’t.

If you don’t use it correctly, you will never gain any volume and firmness from flaxseed oil!

How Does Flaxseed Oil Increase Breast Size and Volume?

In the past, I used to have very tiny boobs as I have mentioned a few lines ago, I felt less of a woman, and I hated myself every single day for not having larger and fuller breasts!

I still remember, I was thirteen years old, waiting for my period and then, it came.

I was extremely happy because I was a woman, but I was devastated as well because I still had the same breasts; they didn’t increase in size, not by one cup!

I looked like a young boy who didn’t reach puberty!

I didn’t feel I belong, like a normal girl!

I saw myself as a nobody because girls around me had larger breasts.

I was left with smaller and tinier ones!

This was my reality.

I had to endure lots of ridicule and bullying because of my breast size, and I had to go through so many issues to increase my breast size.

And let me tell you that the things I have done to my body are just horrible.

I nearly went through surgery, and fortunately for me, I didn’t do it because deep down, I believed that there was a better solution.

I had a really sad example in front of my eyes, my sister; she had augmentation surgery only to find later on that her left arm was nearly paralyzed and needed urgent therapy!

I have to tell you that the best thing that has ever happened to me was looking for a natural solution to increase my breast size.

I deep down believed that the best way for increasing my breasts’ volume was to look for a natural remedy, an herb that contains large amounts of nutrients that were responsible for stimulating and increasing my breast volume.

So, I began looking for the specific reasons why I didn’t develop larger breasts, why other girls had big boobs while I had smaller ones!

That’s when I realized that I had “bad” hormones, in fact, many doctors told me the same thing as well, my hormones were just imbalanced.

During the first visit to the doctor, I was told to take different pills and shots to balance my hormones; unfortunately, they didn’t help at all, and I felt horrible because of this, I felt like a lost cause and that I would never have the body I have dreamt of.

I was even prescribed contraceptive pills!

So, I became depressed, and I stopped using shots to balance my hormones, I kept indulging myself in junk food and not caring about the outcome.

Then, thanks to my grandmother, I realized that smaller breasts run in my female side of the family, that I wasn’t a lost cause after all, and as she told me, with the right herbs, I will have the breasts I always wanted.

So, to answer my question, flaxseed oil increases our breast size by regulating our imbalances and providing our chest with essential fats that help our breasts get engorged and increase in volume.

Flaxseed Oil Benefits For Breast Enlargement

Flaxseed oilI have to be honest with you, I tried flax seeds and flax oil in the past, and it wasn’t efficient at increasing my breast size, this has pushed me to look into other solutions, more importantly, into hormone rich herbs.

However, I was always intrigued by women who had larger breasts, how were they able to get them?

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What were their secrets?

And most importantly, what were they doing differently than us? Flat chested girls?!

How to Use Flaxseed Oil for Breast Enhancement?

Then, I realized one crucial thing:

Large breasted girls have a healthy appetite!

Whereas I, and all my flat-chested friends, have weak appetites!

We don’t eat enough food, and strangely enough, we are all underweight!

Usually, in the past, I would eat a doughnut or a piece of cake for breakfast, a bag of potato chips for lunch, a few candies in the afternoon, and some soft drinks for dinner!

I’m telling you, my appetite was very strange.

When I asked my flat-chested friends, most confirmed that they are not feeling interested in food that much or often.

They don’t like to eat a lot, and even those of us who were feeding themselves correctly had a fast metabolism.

In other words, they would burn everything they consume very quickly!

This led me to think of a holistic solution, a powerful formula that would help me increase my food intake while also improving my breast size.

That’s how I began using flaxseeds to increase my breast size.

Does Flaxseed Increase Breast Size?

Indeed, as I have told you before, flax oil and flaxseeds are not the best when it comes to increasing your breasts size; however, they are amazing at balancing our hormones, and if your hormones are out of balance, you will never have larger breasts!

So, on their own, taking ground flaxseeds and using flax oil on your breasts is not going to have tremendous effects on your size; however, if you use the technique I’m going to share with you in this post, you are going to find yourself with a set of larger and firmer boobs very rapidly.

The simplest and most convenient way to use flaxseed oil for breast enhancement and enlargement is to apply it directly onto your chest; however, I have to warn you, this is not the most efficient solution!

You have to understand that when it comes to increasing your breast size, simpler doesn’t always mean efficient!

Flaxseed Oil and Fenugreek for Breast Growth

Indeed, to use flaxseed oil directly onto your breasts to increase their size, you need to add other powerful ingredients to your fatty substance to load it with phytoestrogens, the main compounds responsible for increasing your breast size.

You see, flax oil contains phytoestrogens.

Which is already very powerful when it comes to helping your breasts grow firmer and larger.

However, when it comes to fantastic results, flaxseed oil cannot be compared to other potent herbs, the ones I’m going to show you right now.

So, here is how to use flaxseed oil to increase your breasts size:

First, you must use good grade flaxseed oil, an organic one.

So, you will need ten tablespoons of flaxseed oil.

To which you are going to add one tablespoon of ground Pueraria Mirifica, which is probably the most powerful herb for increasing out breast size.

And one tablespoon of ground fenugreek seeds.

Mix everything very well and then put in a glass container, close the lid, and put in a dark and dry place for a minimum of three days.

Then, strain the ground mixture, after three days of course, and only leave the phytoestrogens rich flaxseed oil.

Every day, before going to bed, I want you to massage your breasts with one teaspoon of this powerful flaxseed oil, when you are done, use a dry paper towel to get rid of as much fat as possible.

Flaxseed Oil Supplements For Breast Growth

Unfortunately, as I have told you before, flaxseed oil does not contain large amounts of phytoestrogens and can be very taxing on your stomach on its own.

Remember that most flaxseed oil pills will contain preservatives and other chemicals, which can also cause stress on your digestive system.

Does Flaxseed Oil Pills Make Your Breasts Grow?

My advice is only to apply phytoestrogen rich flaxseed oil on your breasts, while staying away from ingesting this powerful fatty acid.

Ground Flaxseeds for Breast Growth


Flaxseeds, when ground, are also very powerful for breast growth. If it were up to me, I’d only use ground flaxseeds for my breast growth purposes, but grinding them daily or even weekly is not practical for a working woman with four kids such as myself.

So, when it comes to ground flaxseeds, here is what I recommend you do:

Every day, before breakfast, I want you to have a minimum of two tablespoons of ground flaxseeds with your morning water.

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

I drink at least half a liter of water when I wake up, and I think that you should do the same since your breasts are made of water and fats, and since flax seeds contain large amounts of fats, you need to drink them with a large amount of water.

This is extremely important and can help you get rid of other stomach issues, I have been using ground flaxseeds for quite some time now, and I haven’t noticed any side effects.

Now, back to my appetite.

You see, when you start consuming ground flaxseeds daily, and because it contains large amounts of saponin.

These are organic compounds that are very healing and helpful to our digestive system, you start balancing your appetite.

In other words, you start eating more food which is very important because you need to feed your breasts.

This means that you need to increase your calories to store more fats and liquids in them.

In the end, your breasts need to grow in size with fats because they are the only compounds responsible for giving you long-lasting effects on their volume and lift.

Moreover, when you consume ground flaxseeds, you are also creating a balance in your hormones thanks to their rich fiber content; all these effects are extremely beneficial when it comes to increasing your breast size.

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