How can you use green tea for breast growth?

This might seem like an easy question, after all, you just apply some on your chest and Voila!


Absolutely not, it’s not obvious, but once you discover my recipe, and how simple it is to make, you’ll thank me, I’m sure 🙂

Green Tea and Your Breast Size

I’m sorry to say this, but most people who think they know how to use green tea for breast enlargement are wrong, in this post, I’m going to tell you the truth, nothing more and nothing less.

Does Green Tea Increase Breast Size?

The answer is a straight no!

I’m sorry to say this, I didn’t want to disappoint you, but it’s the reality, green tea does not work when it comes to increasing your breasts size. However, it will do one amazing thing to your breasts: increase their firmness!

When most women are referring to using green tea for breast growth, they are misunderstanding its effects!

They think that because green tea is going to increase breasts firmness, it certainly has something to do with improving their breast size, which is not the case.

Most definitely, green tea is going to make your breasts look firmer and much tighter and perkier as well, however, when it comes to real breast growth, I’m sorry to say this, but green tea does not increase your boobs’ size.

Why the heck should you use green tea for your breasts then?

Well, because increasing your breasts size alone is not going to make them look amazing, trust me, I have been there, and I know what I’m discussing.

When I was young, about thirteen years old, I expected to start growing breasts; well, my period was a bit late. However, my breasts never increased in size; I was left looking like a boy, a teenage boy.

When I was my twenty-five years, I started looking for solutions to fix my breasts size and let me tell you that I couldn’t find a simple one!

Most products I tried were simply a waste of time and money, and I struggled to look like a true woman; however, I was left with despair and disappointment all the time.

Green Tea and Breast Density

That’s to tell you that I have been there, I tried to increase my breasts size, and it didn’t work at first!

I tried many products and techniques, and they all failed until I was able to find what works!

Trust me; when you apply the same herbs and creams I have in the past, you will have disappointment because of one thing:

Once your breasts increase in size, they are not going to be as firm as they were before, even worse, because of the added weight, they will hang loose and become saggy!

Of course, we don’t want this happening.

That’s the reason why I have always advised women who have used my techniques to increase their breasts size naturally to do different exercises and different methods to increase firmness.

One of the most efficient ones was to use coffee and green tea.

Benefits of Green Tea for Breast Enlargement

In this post, I’m only going to tell you about the right way to use green tea for increasing your breasts firmness rapidly; of course, we are done discussing using green tea for breast growth since it’s not very efficient.

Of course, if you use it on its own for a very long time, it can have some positive effects on your breasts size.

But this can be too tiny even to notice, so, to experience real breast growth, you need to use different ingredients and herbs other than green tea because it’s not very efficient from my point of view.

If you are interested in learning about the best herbs you can use to increase your breasts size rapidly, I highly recommend that you check my previous posts.

They are amazing and are going to give you powerful techniques and insights into how to use cheap ingredients to increase your breasts size rapidly and without side effects.

You have to use green tea if you are planning on improving your breasts volume because it’s one of the best ingredients you can ever use to keep your boobs from looking saggy and loose!

Otherwise, you will be wasting your time because breast growth without firmness means unattractive boobs.

So, how can you use green tea to increase your breast firmness?

Well, the answer is quite complicated; however, I’m going to do my best to explain it to you and to make sure that you only use the right steps to increase breasts firmness using this powerful herbal preparation.

Besides the usual advice on drinking green tea daily, which I really think is essential since it contains potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, I believe that it can be used directly onto our breasts.

Green Tea for Breast Growth – Side Effects

So, first, let me tell you about the side effects you are going to experience once you start using green tea on your breasts to increase their firmness:

Discoloured Skin

Of course, this only is going to happen when you start using too much green tea on your chest!

I don’t want this happening to you.

This is the reason why you need to respect the dosage I’m going to give you; otherwise, your breasts may have a slightly rusty colour, it’s not something to worry about, and it will go away with time since this is only a superficial issue.

Itchy Skin

Because green tea contains many potent anti-inflammatory compounds, these are going to saturate your skin and cause your cells to have a reaction which can be very unpleasant sometimes!

Of course, as mentioned before, if you respect the dosage, you have nothing to be afraid of, I have been there, and it all works very well.

Bad Smell

Because we are going to use large amounts of green tea on your breasts.

And even more importantly, because we are going to use it daily, every night before going to bed, you will notice a different smell in your body.

Yes, you will start smelling like a green teabag!

Well, you have nothing to worry about, it’s just the isoflavones found in green tea seeping into your body and coming out with your sweat.

And now, let me tell you about the best way to use green tea for increasing your breast firmness:

First of all, you will need to use matcha green tea!

And by matcha, I mean finely ground green tea, which is the only kind I want you to use when it comes to increasing your breasts firmness and growth.

If you are planning on applying green tea leaves, bulky ones, on your breasts, let me tell you that they are not very efficient!

They are not going to have significant effects on your boobs since they are not going to release all their isoflavones.

The second ingredient you will need is soy milk.

I know that this recipe is going to sound very strange; however, soy milk contains potent phytoestrogens that are going to help increase your breasts size!

And since we are going to use a liquid to apply green tea directly onto your breasts.

Why not use soy milk, it’s cheap, it’s powerful when it comes to increasing your breasts size and firmness.

And more importantly, it has excellent effects on your skin, since it improves elasticity and vitality as well.

The third ingredient is ground fennel seeds.

Fennel seeds are also powerful when it comes to increasing your breasts size and growth.

And I want you to use them every time you are going to use green tea on your breasts since they are going to contain potent phytoestrogens which are going to help increase your breasts size very rapidly.

These hormones, or should I say plant hormones, are truly amazing, they are going to activate your breast cells and help them get engorged with liquids and fats which is going to increase their size.

Green Tea for Male Breast Growth

As you will find in this post, green tea, if used correctly, can increase your breast size, but can it achieve this in men as well?

Many guys want to increase their size and firmness, and green tea can do this if used the way I’m going to show you later in this post.

For now, remember that it works and it can increase both male breast size and firmness.

The same technique which works with women will also work with men, and you only need to double the amounts of green tea when making my breast growth recipe.

Green Tea Extracts for Breast Growth

I have read on many articles that green tea extracts are great for increasing our breast size.

The truth is that in high doses, they can increase your size and firmness, but this is very little!

In other words, green tea extracts aren’t the best pills to increase your breast size, I have tried them in the past, and they don’t work that well.

Which brings me to an essential subject I want to talk about without further delay:

Your Diet!

From my experience, most women who are suffering from small breasts have one massive problem:

They do not feed their breasts correctly!

This idea may seem quite funny and somehow very strange, but it’s the truth, if you want to increase your breasts size, you need to feed your breasts correctly; otherwise, they are going to stay small and flat no matter what you do.

I’m sure that by now, you understand that I’m not aiming at temporary results.

I want long-term breasts growth for you and myself as well.

Which is the reason why I have recommended to use soy milk instead of water or rose water as most women are going to use with green tea.

This is why I want you to focus on your diet, trust me when I tell you that the best way for you to increase your breasts size is to feed your breasts first.

What I want you to understand here is that your breasts are small because you have hormonal issues.

This is undoubtedly the case for most women; however, this also means that your breasts are not getting enough nutrients.

This can be very obvious if you are skinny!

It means one thing, you are not getting enough nutrients and calories daily, which can hinder any breasts growth you have and which can also deprive you of much attractiveness and beauty.

Us women need to be attractive and good-looking, and the best way to do so is to have the appropriate weight ratio.

And to do this, you need to feed yourself the right nutrients.

So, I’m not going to go into the subject in lots of details; I’m only going to tell you what I do daily to keep myself correctly fed.

When I wake up, I drink one litre of water; this is extremely important to hydrate my body after long hours of sleep, then, I have two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds.

These seeds are fantastic when it comes to increasing my breasts size, and they are also the ones I have recommended to many women to achieve this very rapidly.

When I finish with this, I do my breasts stretching exercises, and then I do some breasts firmness training.

Next, I have my breakfast which consists of lots of bread, whole wheat bread because I enjoy its taste, and it also has lots of fibre which keeps my digestion optimum, then, I have lots of jam and soy milk.

For lunch, I usually have lean chicken with lots of potatoes; I never have French fries because they contain too much oil, I only have oven fries.

I sometimes have beans with rice for lunch.

For a snack, I have one cup of fennel tea with a minimum of one handful of walnuts or almonds, slightly roasted and salted.

And for dinner, I enjoy brown rice with vegetables or some tofu.

Of course, I do not eat the same diet daily; I love variety.

I want you to have a look into an average day in my life.

And now, let me tell you about the right way to use green tea for breast growth and firmness:

How to Apply Green Tea for Breast Enlargement

Every night, before you go to bed, please take three tablespoons of warm soy milk to which you are going to add one teaspoon of matcha tea and one teaspoon of ground fennel seeds.

Mix everything very well and wait for five minutes until the paste thickens a little.

Then, apply onto your breasts very gently, leave for a minimum of fifteen minutes and then, using a dry paper cloth, get rid of as much as you can.

I find this technique very powerful to use before taking showers since I can leave it much longer on my breasts.

It’s also powerful since your skin is going to feel much more elastic and firm afterwards.