In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how to use onions for breast enlargement.

Does Onion Help Breast Growth?

OnionDid you know that onion is amazing for breast growth?

If you didn’t, then, you are in for a big surprise!

In the past, I used to have very tiny breasts!

I tried to increase their size, and I failed miserably every single time.

So, I even resorted to surgery at first!

Yes, I tried to get as much information about breast augmentation surgery as possible!

However, I didn’t find any real evidence that it was completely safe for my body!

I know, this will scare a lot of women, but not me, I was determined to increase my breast size no matter the price.

So, I went anyway and met with a plastic surgeon that reassured me and told me that it was completely safe!

Meanwhile, my sister was going through an augmentation surgery as well; she had very tiny breasts too, and to be honest, I think small breasts run in my family!

Anyway, my sister wanted to increase her breast size as well.

The surgeon told her that everything would go fine, and she had nothing to worry about!

Needless to tell you, this was completely false!

After surgery, my sister couldn’t move her arms, and her upper chest was completely paralyzed for more than two days!

Yes, this can be very scary, and you may even think that I’m exaggerating, after all, not all women will go through the same situation, right?!

It’s the truth!

Most women will have the same problems when they go through augmentation surgery.

It’s not safe, and it can also cause lots of permanent damages to your body.

For example, my sister later learned from our family doctor that she had increased her chances of getting breast cancer because of the surgery!

Yes, she was extremely scared, and she went to different doctors to know more about this.

She had kids, and she wanted to lower her risks of breast cancer!

Unfortunately, many doctors told her that breast cancer runs in our family as well!

Two of my aunts had it; thank God they are doing well now!

So, her chances may be extremely high!

Needless to tell you, this is scary!

Later, she decided to remove her breast implants.

Even worse, because she increased her breast size by four cup sizes, there were two large scars below her chest, which were very visible and ugly to look at.

Yes, my sister was very depressed!

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She removed her implants, and she didn’t feel the same anymore!

Why am I telling you about this?

Well, to tell you that I have been there.

I know what it feels like to have a small breast.

I want you to use the advice I’m going to give you to gain breast size and to increase your growth naturally and with absolutely no side effects or damages to your body.

And although natural breast enlargement can be very slow and sometimes, during the first few weeks, nothing would seem to work.

I want you to persist and keep on using the ingredients I’m going to show you, they work, and I’m living proof.

The first thing I want to tell you is never to use one ingredient!

What I’m saying here is very important for you to understand!

Onion Benefit for Breast Enlargement

Most women simply imagine that there must be one ingredient they are not using that’s going to boost breast growth and firmness!

If only they know this one ingredient!

Well, this is not the case!

If you want to increase your breast size, you need to tackle this problem from different angles.

And the first one I want you to focus on is your nutrition.

Yes, although this is not the subject of this post, I don’t want to lie to you and tell you that using just onion is going to increase your breast size.

It’s not true!

God knows I want to keep this post short and tell you that using one ingredient is enough!

I’m not going to!

I want you to pay close attention to what I’ll tell you now:

To increase your breast size, you need to feed your breasts.

And the best way to do so is to increase your caloric intake.

What do I mean by this?

Well, you need to eat lots of nutritious and breast filling foods daily.

I know this idea may seem very simple, but for a lot of women who suffer from small breasts, eating lots of food can seem like a nightmare!

I used to be in the same situation in the past.

I didn’t eat enough, especially if the food was nutritious and good for my body.

I only wanted to snack on junk!

I lived on sweets and candy bars, and I loved French fries!

Well, these foods are the devil when it comes to increasing your breast size.

They contain lots of calories, it’s true.

But, nutritionally speaking, they are very poor!

What I want you to do instead is to consume lots of nuts and whole grains.

It’s because they are loaded with nutrients.

Most importantly, nuts are rich in essential fatty acids.

These fats are responsible for engorging your breasts and filling them.

So, imagine this:

You are taking all the powerful herbs and ingredients for breast growth; yet, you do not increase your caloric intake?

What would happen?

Well, your breasts are going to stay small no matter what you do!

Onion for Breast Tightening

It’s true, they may get engorged a little with water at first, but this will soon vanish, and you will find yourself looking at a flat chest in the mirror.

Even worse, junk food and other nutrients’ poor diets will shrink your breast.

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This means that even if you do all the necessary breast growth exercises and massages, you will keep on loosing breast volume and size!

So remember this:

I want to eat lots of good and nutritious food.

And I want you to enjoy doing this because natural breast enlargement is going to take a very long time, and it’s not that easy if you do not arm yourself with persistence and strong will power.

Onion for Bigger Breast – Side Effects

Yes, as you may already know, onion can be excellent for increasing your breast size!

But the reality is that nothing is perfect.

Onion has some nasty side effects as well.

For example, if you use too much onion when trying to increase your breast size, you are going to end up inflaming your nipples!

I suffered from this many times, and I am very sad to say that I didn’t learn my lesson very well!

At first, I thought that this was just something expected from using this powerful vegetable, but then, I realized my mistake!

Yes, I was using too much onion, and not only that, I was making a concentrated onion juice, which ended up hurting my nipples tremendously.

The second side effect is probably the worse, in my opinion, which is the smell!

I’m sure that you already know about this one, but let me just remind you:

Onion belongs to the garlic family, and as such, it contains many sulfur compounds which are notorious for their terrible smell!

And let me remind you that we are social beings; in other words, we live in packs and herds, so to speak, and we don’t want to differentiate ourselves from others that much.

This means that if you tend to use onion too much, well, guess what, you will end up with very few friends!

This was my issue, as well.

I wanted to increase my breast size so badly that I started using onion daily; I couldn’t smell anything wrong with myself!

But trust me, everyone around me started gossiping about my terrible smell; they couldn’t understand what was going on, so they just thought that I wasn’t brushing my teeth enough!

Of course, if you are careful, you will not suffer from these side effects.

But on the other hand, if you have large pores such as myself, then these side effects are going to cause you the most damages.

This is exactly what happened to me over and over:

Because I have large pores on my skin, whenever I applied onion juice, especially on my nipples, I felt an immediate burning sensation all over my chest!

This is just to tell you that you are dealing with a very powerful ingredient, so, only use it when you have nothing else to do, and you aren’t not going out.

How Can You Use Onion for Breast Growth?

Why does it work?

As I have mentioned before, onion alone doesn’t work at increasing your breast size.

Yes, it can make your chest look fuller, but this is only temporary.

I don’t want to lie to you and tell you that onion is the best ingredient for increasing your breast size.

It’s not true.

Onion Juice for Breast Enlargement

However, if you apply onion juice on your breasts, they are going to increase in size a little.

But this is only temporary!

The only way to get permanent results is to use phytoestrogen-rich ingredients, such as the ones I’m going to share with you now.

Should you stop using onion juice for breast enlargement?

Of course not, onion juice is very powerful for rapid breast growth.

And although these results can be temporary, it’s something most flat-chested women want.

We need to feel great about ourselves, and we want to have nicer and fuller breasts, even if temporary.

Onion Water for Breast Enlargement

Both onion juice and onion water are very effective when it comes to increasing your breast size; the only difference is that onion water is much gentler on our skin.

To make onion juice, well, it’s very simple:

You juice an onion!

However, to make onion water, you take onion juice, and you mix it with warm water and a few drops of lavender essential oil.

This is very powerful to make the onion smell disappear a little.

Nevertheless, it’s also powerful when it comes to increasing your breast size, especially when you add other essential oils.

I didn’t mention how much water you need to add because onion water is a matter of taste.

In other words, if you are already trying to dilute your onion juice, it means that you cannot handle onion very well.

Which means that how much water you need to add is up to you.

In other words, I don’t use onion water that much because I can handle onion juice is very well!

I am an independent, strong, and capable woman!

Mind you; I nearly cried the first time I applied onion juice on my chest :-)

So, it’s up to you.

If you can handle onion juice, it’s much better to increase your breast size.

Onion Oil for Breast Enlargement

Although the idea of applying onion oil on your chest may sound very appealing, I recommend that you stay away from it.

I’m not going to lie; onion oil is also very powerful when it comes to increasing your breast size.

However, because most brands sell essential onion oil, this can be problematic!

Let me explain:

Onion Oil is a highly concentrated form of onion juice, so to speak, it contains highly irritating compounds.

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Well, guess what, when you apply it on your chest, it’s going to cause a very deep burning sensation, sometimes all over your body.

You can do the following if you want to apply onion oil on your chest:

Instead of applying one or two drops and then feeling terrible about yourself, why don’t you mix one teaspoon with three tablespoons of olive oil?

This is not only much safer, it’s also healthier since our bodies well tolerate olive oil and it’s going to be absorbed deeply into your skin and consequently, stimulates your breast tissue for growth more.

Onion Dosage for Breast Enlargement

So, I want you to use the following onion juice recipe for breast growth:

Simply take the juice of one large onion and add to it one teaspoon of fenugreek oil.

One of the most powerful herbs you can use to increase your breast size is fenugreek.

Especially its essential oil.

It’s loaded with phytoestrogens, the same molecules responsible for increasing your breast size permanently.

These organic compounds will act like female hormones, estrogens.

However, they’re much safer and will also protect breast tissue.

They are going to stimulate breast growth and cause an increase in size and firmness as well.

My advice is very simple; I want you to mix these two ingredients, onion juice, and fenugreek oil and apply a minimum of two teaspoons a day, before going to bed, to your breast directly, make sure you massage very gently.


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