You’ll learn in this post the most important steps to use saw palmetto for breast enlargement, in fact, saw palmetto is one of the most potent plants you can use for increasing your breast size.

I have written so many articles dealing with this powerful herb that I feel quite bored writing this one because I know what I’m going to talk about.

Saw Palmetto Benefits For Females Breast Enlargement

Saw Palmetto BerriesLong story short, I guarantee that if you use it properly, saw palmetto is going to increase your breast size.

Yes, you’ve read correctly, I guarantee you that if you use saw palmetto correctly; your breasts size is going to increase dramatically.

However, we have a big IF here!

You have to be careful; you are not dealing with a weak plant!

It’s extremely powerful, and if you don’t use it properly, you are going to end up damaging your health, sometimes permanently!

Don’t worry, I have used saw palmetto before, and in fact, I’m still using it now.

Once weekly, to be more precise!

And my breasts are looking just short of fantastic!

They are nearly a C size, which is excellent if you ask me, considering that I was barely an A cup in the beginning.

Indeed, when I first started puberty, I had such tiny breasts that I couldn’t feel like a woman.

Boys and girls around me used to tease me all the time because of the way my body was shaped.

I looked like a boy, with a big nose and very skinny buttocks, and even worse, I had big ears and lots of eyebrows!

Thanks, grandma!

Although I am blonde, and I have beautiful eyes, nobody seemed to care!

Even though my personality was radiant and I was a delighted person, no one would care about this because I simply lacked the boobs to show for it!

This is what I want to say right now:

If you don’t have nice boobs, you are going to get ignored!

I know, very superficial and mean, but it’s the truth imposed on us by media and, of course, by other women!

I still remember how people at work used to look at me when I was very skinny and with no boobs at all!

Well, I was just a shadow, nobody cared, and no one saw what I was doing.

Even though I excelled at my job, and I held a crucial position in the office, nobody seemed to care.

So, I’m going to tell you the truth:

When I started looking at ways to increase my breast size, it wasn’t because I didn’t feel like a woman or that I wanted to be beautiful!

Although this is the truth, I wanted to be looked at as a woman, and I wanted to be gorgeous and beautiful.

But deep down, I wanted to be accepted!

I wanted people to look at me differently and to avoid judging me because I had no breasts.

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Yes, I know that this may be very superficial to you.

But I’m coming very clean about who I was, and I want you to understand that I have been there.

I had very tiny breasts in the past, and I was able to increase their size tremendously.

After all, I went from an A cup to C very rapidly, and I felt terrific about it.

So, why am I saying this?

Simply because saw palmetto was one of the best herbs I have ever tried.

And fenugreek as well.

But what I want you to understand now is that it’s not easy to use it and it will require one crucial thing from you all the time:


The biggest problem women have when they are trying to increase their breast size isn’t that they are not using the right herbs.

Or that they don’t have enough hormones!

It’s true; these will also influence breast growth tremendously!

But it’s the fact that they are not applying themselves daily.

Deep down, they are merely trying to make this into a quick fix!

In other words, they want to have one magic pill to ingest for two days and then voila: they have large boobs!

This is not the case.

For you to increase your breast size, you will need a lot of dedication.

Most importantly, you will need to apply yourself daily and never to forget to use your herbs and drink your tea!

So, let me tell you right now how to use saw palmetto to increase your breast size.

Trust me, it’s not that complicated; however, it’s going to require a lot of dedication from you and a lot of will power.

The first thing you need to understand here is that saw palmetto on its own is very powerful, unlike other herbs.

I have already mentioned in so many of my previous posts.

That there are many herbs to increase your breast size.

However, they should never be taken alone because they are not very powerful.

Well, when it comes to saw palmetto, let me just tell you that it’s one of the best and most potent herbs you can ever apply on your breasts.

Saw Palmetto’s Side Effects on Breast Enlargement

It’s so powerful that if you use it too much, you are going to suffer from different side effects!

They are ranging from increased facial hair to even a nasty smell to painful and delayed menstrual cycles.

This is just to tell you that you are dealing with a potent herb that can mess up with your hormones very quickly.

So, the first thing I want you to do is always to use saw palmetto in small amounts.

So, let me be very honest with you:

Once you start applying saw palmetto, you are going to be tempted to use more!

You may think that one capsule a day may not be enough!

So, you are going to start taking two or three tablets a day, thinking that you are doing yourself a favor!

When in fact, you are going to suffer from so many terrible side effects afterward that you are going to hate me and hate the fact that I didn’t tell you about this herb’s dangers.

On the other hand, I don’t want to scare you and tell you that saw palmetto can destroy your health!

Because it’s not if used correctly!

After all, it’s a very safe plant to consume.

Women throughout the world have been applying saw palmetto to both their hair and breasts for probably thousands of years.

With absolutely no issues of side effects!

However, you need to be very careful and never use too much.

So, here is what I want you to do to apply saw palmetto to increase your breasts size:

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

The first step is to make a saw palmetto cream that you need to apply every single night.

This is probably one of the best recipes you can use.

It’s also one of the safest ones to increase your breast size very rapidly.

Saw Palmetto Breast Growth Results

I had fantastic breast growth because of saw palmetto, just to give you an idea of what to expect, here are the results I have witnessed:

Well, after using saw palmetto for more than three weeks, I was astonished by how much growth my breast has increased!

Not just me, but other women have reported fantastic growth as well.

For example, a friend of mine went from 32A to 34B in a matter of two weeks.

I had quite similar results.

However, I have to warn you!

You need dedication, and you need to know what you are doing unless you want to suffer from side effects!

This is the thing I have always advised women to abide by:

Never use too much saw palmetto, especially if you intend to use its extracts or pills.

Saw palmetto could disrupt your hormone levels tremendously if used in large amounts.

You may think that you are doing yourself a favor, and you are going to increase your breast size by ingesting a lot of pills and capsules daily, but you are wrong!

I have been there, I have consumed huge amounts of saw palmetto every single day, and I was never able to maintain my growth.

However, with the techniques I’m going to share with you in the coming paragraphs, I increased my breast size while also maintaining firmness and volume for a very long time.

So, back to my recipe.

Saw Palmetto Oil for Breast Enlargement

You take coconut oil and mix it with ground saw palmetto berries, to obtain a potent cream that you need to apply every night before going to bed.

So, here are the ingredients you are going to need:

First of all, you will need to get one cup of organic coconut oil.

Saw Palmetto Cream for Breast Enlargement

Then, you will need two tablespoons of ground saw palmetto berries.

Heat your coconut oil in the microwave for one minute or until it’s completely melted.

Then add to it your saw palmetto berries, keep stirring for two minutes to mix everything very well.

Then, simply leave your oil alone for a minimum of one day in the fridge.

Next, preheat it in the microwave and strain as much saw palmetto powder as possible.

Every night, before going to bed, I want you to simply take one tablespoon of this potent cream and massage your breasts with it.

That’s more than enough to stimulate your breast tissue to grow and get engorged with fats and liquids.

Next, let me give you the best saw palmetto recipe to ingest.

And it requires a routine.

How Much Saw Palmetto for Breast Growth

Every morning, after waking up.

I want you to have one cup of water.

This is very important because it’s going to rid your body of toxins and other nasty chemicals that have been building up throughout the night.

Next, I want you to have a substantial breakfast.

Consisting of lots of carbohydrates, fats, and, more importantly, lots of soy milk as it contains large amounts of phytoestrogens.

They are the same compounds also found in saw palmetto, which are responsible for increasing your breast size.

Saw Palmetto and Fenugreek for Breast Growth

Now, when you are done with breakfast.

I want you to take two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds.

Remember that saw palmetto goes hand-in-hand with fenugreek seeds, and they are extremely powerful when combined at increasing your breast size.

So, simply ingest two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds, as mentioned before, with one capsule of saw palmetto extracts, of course, with a large glass of water.

Saw Palmetto Extracts for Breast Enlargement

This is the best and safest saw palmetto dosage for breast growth!

I don’t want you to take more because, for us, women, saw palmetto can easily disrupt our hormones.

However, if used wisely and in small amounts with fenugreek, it can do amazing things for our breast growth.

Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto Breast Results

In a previous section of this post, I have shared with you the results I have gained; I went from 32A to 34B in a matter of fewer than two weeks.

I have gained much more volume later on.

This is just to tell you that a combination of both fenugreek and saw palmetto is fantastic to increase your breast size.

You just need dedication, and you need to keep applying the cream when taking fenugreek daily.

Saw Palmetto and Male Breast Enlargement

Saw palmetto is so powerful when it comes to disrupting our hormones that in some guys if taken in large amounts, it can result in breast growth!

It has been used by so many men to increase their breast size.

Just to give you a small idea, there are many forums on the internet dealing with this subject.

I have also advised many guys to start taking saw palmetto to increase their breast size because it works.

For more information on male breast growth, check the following link:

Does Saw Palmetto Cause Male Breast Enlargement?

The short answer is yes.

I still remember I have read an article in a newspaper about a guy who was suffering from prostate problems.

Well, he began supplementing with saw palmetto only to discover later on that he started developing breast!

Of course, he didn’t want this!

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

But the reality is that a lot of guys want to increase their size.

And saw palmetto is one of the best herbs you can take to achieve this.

Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto for Male Breast Growth

Of course, if you combine saw palmetto and fenugreek seeds, ground ones, you are going to get amazing results.

I have written so many articles about this subject.

I believe that fenugreek seeds, in combination with saw palmetto, can be amazing when it comes to male breast growth.

I receive dozens of e-mails every month from guys thanking me for my advice on this subject because these two herbs are potent.

Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto Dosage for Male Breast Growth

However, to have success, you need to understand what you are doing, and you need a special recipe.

So, if you are interested in increasing your breast size, you need to follow this daily routine:

When you wake up, I want you to drink one cup of water to flush out toxins from your body.

Next, before breakfast, try to take a minimum of five fenugreek capsules, and three saw palmetto capsules.

Then, go on with your life.

And at night, after dinner, take the same amount.

That would be ten fenugreek and six saw palmetto capsules daily.


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