In this post, you will learn how to use spearmint tea for breast growth since it has long been known to increase breasts size; which is good!

However, it also has a very nasty side effect: it can make your breast smaller if you don’t use it correctly!

Spearmint Tea and Breast Growth

I know; this is not exactly what you were hoping to get!

After all, if you already have tiny boobs, you want them to get bigger, but, if you use spearmint tea the wrong way, you will end up with smaller breasts!

I know that what I’m saying here is going to sound somehow strange to you, but this is the case!

Spearmint tea can decrease your breasts size!

Spearmint Plants

It’s so easy to grow spearmint plants, they don’t require a lot of space and their leaves will make any tea you prepare taste a thousand times better. Plus, they’ll help you with breast growth.

It has been used successfully for breast reduction!

Of course, I’m talking about home remedies.

However, when it comes to increasing your breasts size, you need to understand how it works and most importantly, you need only to use the right techniques.

In other words, you need to stay away from those recipes which require a large amount.

I had lots of troubles finding the right way to use spearmint tea for increasing my breast size!

In the past, I used to have very tiny boobs; it has always been my dream to enlarge my breasts size and to look like a true woman.

Unfortunately, I had tiny breasts, and I didn’t know what to do about it!

I took different pills; I used different creams without any positive effects on my breasts!

I have to tell you that I spent over $5000 to get my boobs to increase in size without any results, absolutely nothing!

To increase your breasts size, it’s not just a question of drinking some few sips of spearmint tea daily and call it a day!

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You need to use different ingredients with this fantastic herb.

And most importantly; you need only to use the right amount because if you use too much, you will end up losing a lot of breast tissue!

Does Spearmint Tea Increase Breast Size?

Why does spearmint tea destroy breast growth?

Spearmint tea contains different plants hormones which are going to disrupt your cycle while also causing you to grow lots of hair on your body!

Indeed, if you have been drinking spearmint tea for quite some time, you will have probably noticed this side effect:

Your hair is going to start growing very “wildly”, and if you are drinking it daily, you may even see that your pubic hair is going to become much thicker and sturdier to remove!

When also trying to wax, you will have a much difficult time because your hair roots are going to become very strong and robust to get rid of as well!

That’s to tell you that spearmint tea will mess up your hormones tremendously!

And the best way for you to use it to increase your breasts size is not to use too much.

Don’t worry; I’m going to show you the exact amounts you need to take to get rid of as much spearmint tea side effects as possible while also increasing your breasts size very rapidly.

So, the first thing you need to understand about using spearmint tea to increase your breasts size is that it’s not the best ingredient to use!

I’m sure this is going to sound very strange, but it’s the absolute truth!

I have used this herb for a very long time, and I know it’s not that practical when it comes to increasing my breasts size!

Of course, when compared to other potent herbs, I’m going to tell you about in this post.

But for now, you need to understand that using spearmint tea alone is a losing fight because you will find yourself putting so much efforts and willpower to increase your breast size while getting minimal results!

I don’t want you to get frustrated!

But you have to understand that using spearmint tea for breast growth is a very lengthy process and you will end up spending so much time and so many efforts to get it to work while also getting very tiny results.

Why this post then?

Well, it’s to tell you that spearmint tea can work at increasing your breasts size.

However, you need to understand that only using this ingredient is not going to get you great results; you have to use other elements, the ones I’m going to share with you right now.

So, here is my spearmint tea routine; in other words, how you can use spearmint tea daily to increase your breasts size efficiently and without spending a fortune.

Drink It Early In the Morning

When you wake up, I want you to brew a minimum of one teabag of spearmint tea!

Never exceed one teabag of spearmint tea daily; otherwise, you will have a difficult time removing your pubic hair growing!

Then I want you to take two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds and swallow them with a large glass of water.

That’s the best technique to increase your breasts size.

Now, there is a straightforward thing you are going to notice about using fenugreek seeds daily; it can increase your smell a lot!

And unfortunately, this is not a very nice side effect, since fenugreek smell tends to be a little overwhelming!

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How Long Does Spearmint Tea Take To Increase Your Breast Size

However, this is the only side effect you are going to notice.

Of course, if you are pregnant, you should stay away from using these herbs in the first place since they can disturb your pregnancy, so, always remember this, if you are pregnant, stay away from herbal remedies.

Now, let’s talk about the third step you need to do, this one, right after your break time, around four o’clock.

I want you to brew one cup of fennel tea.

What you must understand here is that fennel seeds are extremely rich in phytosterols and phytoestrogens as well.

These are plant hormones responsible for increasing your breasts size and are also extremely powerful when it comes to reducing spearmint tea’s side effects.

Spearmint Tea for Breast Enlargement

Spearmint Tea

I recommend drinking at least one glass a day of spearmint tea as it’s not only very good for breast growth but it’s also extremely relaxing and has good antioxidants.

So, here is what I want you to do.

Around break time, at four o’clock in the afternoon, I want you to take one fennel teabag and brew it in one cup of warm water for fifteen minutes; you can enjoy it with honey or any other sweetener you want.

How To Make Spearmint Tea Taste Better

You can use whatever sweetener you like; it’s more than enough to increase your breasts size.

That’s a powerful routine I have used over and over, and it has made my breasts look fantastic.

What’s also amazing about spearmint tea, if used correctly, is that it’s going to make your breasts firmer and much perkier.

Which is just amazing if you ask me.

More importantly, if you know how to use this herb, you can get a lot of other fantastic results as well.

For example, after you using spearmint tea for over two months, I noticed that I stopped losing my hair!

How Much Spearmint Tea to Increase Your Breast Size

It was just horrible before, whenever I went to the bathroom, or I comb my hair, I would notice dozens of strands on my hands, and while showering, I would feel that my hair is becoming very scarce and somehow very thin!

Of course, after starting to drink spearmint tea daily to increase my breasts size, I began to notice that my hair strands got stronger and more robust!

This is an added benefit if you ask me, and I really want you to enjoy it as well.

Most importantly, I want you to become aware of it because a lot of women are suffering from thinning hair.

So, drinking spearmint tea is going to help you tremendously if that’s your situation as well.

And before I end this article, I want you to understand that I don’t drink spearmint tea anymore, not because it has side effects or because it caused some issues, but because I don’t have room for it!

I explain!

How To Prepare Spearmint Tea For Breast Growth

You see, after trying hundreds of herbal recipes and ingredients to increase my breasts size, I started to notice that only a few ones were amazing at this the best are fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, and saw palmetto!

Of course, there are dozens more you can use that are also very powerful.

But from my own experience, if you take good care of your diet, don’t worry, I’m going to show you later on in this post what you need to eat with your spare mint tea routine to increase your breasts size, and use the best herbs out there.

Then, you are going to increase your breasts size’s guaranteed!

You see, the problem with spearmint tea is that it tends to be very weak when it comes to increasing my breasts size; of course when compared to other herbs such as fenugreek seeds for example.

Which means that instead of drinking spearmint tea, I prefer taking fenugreek seeds, which is much more powerful and very beneficial to my overall health.

So, why am I writing this post about using spearmint tea for breast growth?

It’s because there are a lot of women who don’t like fenugreek!

It tends to be very strong, and it also tends to be very overwhelming, especially when it comes to its overpowering smell!

This is the truth, I don’t want to give you one single option and leave it that way, I have tried many different ingredients that have worked amazingly well at increasing my breasts size, and spearmint tea is one of them, so, I believe that you should use it and you should give it a try as well.

But understand that there are other powerful ingredients you can use.

Now, let me talk a little about the best diet to have while using spearmint tea for breast growth.

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

First of all, I want you to enjoy lots of bread.

I don’t know why so many women hate on bread a lot of my friends are dead scared when it comes to carbs when we are sitting outside trying to grab some food.

Most women are going to throw bread immediately or stay away from it, thinking that it’s fattening!

Well, guess what, it does fatten you, and it does increase your weight, but this is amazing if you ask me, especially if you have small breasts.

Guess what, your breasts have more than 56% fat in them and a large number of liquids as well.

So, if you deprive your body of a fantastic source of energy such as bread, it’s going to shrink your breasts very rapidly.

The second thing I want you to add to your diet and in abundance is soy milk.

Soy milk and other soy products are amazing because they contain lots of phytoestrogens and other phytosterols which are potent at increasing our breasts size, so, from now on, instead of drinking cow’s milk; please replace it with soy milk.

These are the best dietary tips I can give you when it comes to increasing your breasts size while drinking spearmint tea, this is what I have used in the past, and it works very well.

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