Here is how you can use tea tree oil for breast enlargement.

Many recent studies have started pointing the finger at tea tree oil for causing breast tissue enlargement.

This is not new, in fact, many reports have been pointing at the same conclusions in the past, so, in this post, I will show you how I was able to use tea tree oil to increase my breast size and how you can do the same as well.

How to Use Tea Tree Oil for Breast Enlargement

It may seem very strange to use tea tree oil to increase your breast size.

Still, the truth is that it works.

Tea tree oil has estrogenic effects on the body, and it increases breast size and other feminine features as well.

For women such as myself, not blessed with large breasts, this can be a fantastic opportunity to get a very nice increase in breast size rapidly.

Tea Tree Oil for Female Breast Enlargement

Indeed, using tea tree oil for female breast enhancement is something utterly new since tea tree oil wasn’t used extensively in the beauty market in the past.

Thus, many women didn’t know about its amazing effects when it comes to increasing breast size.

In fact, tea tree oil is so powerful at breast growth that it can even cause man boobs.

Yes, some men who have tried increasing their breast size have started applying tea tree oil directly onto their chests.

Only to notice impressive results very rapidly.

This is the reason why, nowadays, tea tree oil and male breast enlargement is the reality, and it’s a subject discussed in many forums on the internet.

In this post, I will show you exactly how you can use tea tree oil to increase your breast size and most importantly, how to do it safely.

The Dangers of Using Tea Tree Oil for Breast Enlargement!

The first important thing you need to understand here is that tea tree oil can be very damaging to your skin.

After all, we are dealing with essential oil.

In other words, it contains potent compounds which can cause irritations to your skin.

So, imagining that taking some tea tree oil, in its purest form, and only applying it directly to your skin is just plain dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

This is even worse when you think that tea tree oil is going to be applied directly to your breast.

Which are incredibly fragile organs, this is definitely something I do not advise you to do! Never use pure essential oils directly on your skin, especially tea tree oil; it’s going to burn it!

So, what can you do?

How can you use tea tree oil to increase your breast size safely and without side effects on your skin and to your health?

Use It in Small Amounts

I’m sure that this is going to sound strange, but tea tree oil is very dangerous.

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And if you use its purest form, 100% pure essential tea tree oil that you can quickly get online.

Then, you will end up harming your skin and causing it many damages and inflammations, ranging from scales, itchiness, and even skin burns!

Of course, we don’t want this happening, this is the reason why using tea tree oil for breast enhancement should be done very carefully, and you should never use a lot at once.

Tea Tree Oil and Skin Irritations

One of the most terrible side effects of applying tea tree oil on your skin is that it can cause skin irritations and burns.

This is what is known as chemical burns, and they can be very dangerous to your skin since they can cause permanent side effects and even permanent scars!

This is not something to be reckoned with, and you should be very careful, especially if you believe that pure tea tree oil causes breast growth.

I know this from fact, in the past, I had petite breast, and I felt horrible about myself every single day.

I wanted to increase my breast size as much as possible, and most importantly, as rapidly as possible!

However, after using many techniques and many ingredients, I started understanding that this was a challenging task.

So, I lost all hope and started looking elsewhere, especially the internet and reading articles about the subject only to find out that most ingredients do not work.

Soon, I began trying different oil combinations and various essential oils and to be honest, most didn’t work.

My most significant results came from fenugreek seeds and other herbs I talk about in this website.

They were the ones who stirred me on the right path to increasing my breast size naturally, and I had tremendous success doing this.

However, with time, I started reading more and more about different methods for increasing breast size.

Including using essential oils, that’s how I started learning that tea tree oil can also be used for increasing breast size.

I personally feel that it can be very daunting.

Especially if you don’t understand what you are doing since tea tree oil can seem so simple in nature.

However, this is absolutely not the case, if you apply too much tea tree oil on your skin.

It can damage it, and this can even cause internal problems such as breast pain and sensitivity.

So, how much tea tree oil should you use to increase your breast size?

To answer this question clearly and without causing you headaches, you need to understand that tea tree oil is very powerful.

It can increase your breast size even in small amounts, so, the best value you can use is dependent on your breast size, your current ones.

For example, when I started using tea tree oil and experimenting with its breast’breast’ increasing properties, I started very slowly.

Just five drops on each breast day, applied twice a day and to tell you the truth, this was more than enough.

I felt a real genuine breast increase within just the two first weeks, so, I started playing with this technique and increasing the amount over and over.

But I didn’t feel very comfortable because my breast started becoming swollen and itchy.

Soon, I was unable to sleep because they became extremely painful and were very sensitive to touch.

Of course, this made me very suspicious, and I started paying attention to what I was doing.

Then, I realized that I was using too much.

About half a teaspoon every day on each breast.

Which is way too much.

So, I would like to tell you right now that using a small amount of tea tree oil over an extended time is much safer.

In fact, much better if you’d like to steer away from troubles and stay away from causing pain and damages to your breast.

Otherwise, you are going to end up damaging your skin and causing your breast to become very painful and sensitive.

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Which is not what you are looking to achieve at all!

So, to answer the question: how much tea tree oil to use for increasing your breast size?

Use as little as possible, but most importantly, you need to start experimenting with the right amount that fits your breast.

Don’tDon’t worry!

In the next section, I’mI’m going to tell you exactly how you can use tea tree oil.

The safest and most effective way to increase your breast size rapidly and without causing side effects.

What Side Effects?

Indeed, these should be talked about in this post because they are a reality.

As mentioned before, you are dealing with a potent essential oil; it can cause different irritations, inflammations, and even skin burns if used in large amounts.

So, these are the most common side effects when using tea tree oil for breast enlargement:

  • Burning
  • Dryness
  • Allergic skin rash (dermatitis)
  • Scaling
  • Redness
  • Stinging
  • Itching
  • Skin irritation

How to Use Tea Tree Oil to Increase Your Breast Size Safely

This is my own technique, the one I have used over and over to increase my breast size very rapidly, and I assure you that it works.

However, you have to try it first and try to notice if it makes your skin irritated or even cause pain in your breast.

I highly recommend that you only use it at night since this is where people are most relaxed.

I don’t want to lie to you and tell you that you can use tea tree oil safely to increase your breast size.

I don’t want to deceive you, I know from fact that if you don’t know what you are doing, tea tree oil can be very damaging and can even cause tremendous pain and suffering to your breast.

After all, I still remember how sensitive my breast were.

I swear, I couldn’t even go to bed and sleep at night because whenever I touched them, I felt extreme pain in them.

In this post, I was one hundred per cent honest with you.

And I know that this strategy may give you some scary information.

But deep down, I feel that tea tree oil should not be played with.

Even though a lot of shampoos and creams may have the word tea tree oil on them.

You should always understand that you are dealing with essential oil.

Which can be very powerful and which can cause different irritations and different side effects.

My advice is to act extremely cautiously and to always start using tea tree oil gradually.

In other words, start with a very tiny amount at first.

And see whether your skin becomes irritated or your boobs become painful.

Lavender Oil and Tea Tree Oil for Breast Enlargement

If you have lavender oil around, why not use it as well?

You can add it to the tea tree oil recipe you’ve learned about in this article to get more powerful results.

Here is what you need to remember, it’s a potent essential oil as well, try to never exceed three drops on each breast a day, it’s more than enough.

So, every night, before going to bed, simply take one teaspoon of olive oil to which you are going to add two drops of tea tree oil, and then I want you to massage your breast with this oil mixture.

Make sure you apply it evenly and try to not exceed two drops a day for a minimum of fifteen days.

This is very important because it’s going to build tolerance towards tea tree oil.

This means that even if your skin is very fragile.

It’s not going to be damaged by too much tea tree oil.

Trust me, you need to start low and slow.

Otherwise, you are going to end up damaging your skin, God forbid, permanently!

Tea Tree Oil for Male Breast Growth

And if you are a man, then, you need to use slightly more of this essential oil to achieve a larger breast size rapidly.

Indeed, tea tree oil has been used successfully at increasing male breast size.

I have received so many e-mails from many male readers telling me about the effects tea tree oil had on their breast’breast’ size.

For a large number of these guys, tea tree oil worked just fine.

In fact, they had amazing results from the first two weeks of use.

However, in some guys, tea tree oil was too powerful.

It caused them lots of itchiness, irritations, and extreme breast sensitivity as well.

So, I’mI’m going to repeat the same advice I have given to me women, always start low and slow.

If you are a man and you are trying to increase your breast size, first, start with a tiny amount, that is if you suspect that your breast may be sensitive.

For example, I know a lot of guys who have sensitive breast who started with one drop of tea tree oil a day on each chest.

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Of course, mixed with a lot of olive oil, they did this routine for at least thirty days, every night, before going to bed while massaging their breast very well.

After this time, they were able to increase the amount and get permanently large breast.

How Much Tea Tree Oil for Male Breast Growth

So, here is what I want you to do:

Instead of using two drops in each teaspoon of olive oil as with women, I want you to use five drops.

It’s the best dosage for guys to increase their breast size.

But please, make sure you massage very thoroughly, and when you are done.

Try to get rid of as much fat from your chest as possible.

However, as mentioned before, if you suspect that you have a very sensitive breast.

Try to start with just one drop a day and see whether your breast is going to tolerate tea tree oil.

If they do, please, go on and increase this amount after just fifteen days, but if they do not.

You need to simply stop using this powerful essential oil.

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