These techniques I’m going to show you in this post are guaranteed to make your breasts tighter after pregnancy.

I’m going to share with you some of the best techniques and tips I have discovered over the years to make your lose breasts tight again after delivery.

I have gotten through the same steps myself, and I can assure you that they work perfectly.

So, let’s begin with the most crucial question:

Why Do Our Breasts Become Soft And Loose After Pregnancy?

Well, many essential factors determine breast firmness; the most important one is your weight.

I’m sure that this is not your typical go-to reason for loose breasts after pregnancy.

Because most articles are going to tell you that hormones play a significant role in breasts size and shape.

Which is absolutely right, but this is not the case here, at least, not in my situation and that of all my female friends who saw a drop in their breasts’ firmness and perk after giving birth.

I have gone through four pregnancies now, and I can assure you that when expecting.

I gained a significant amount of weight, however, after pregnancy, because of breastfeeding.

I usually lose it and very quickly.

This makes my breasts very loose and saggy the moment I start breastfeeding and even trying to lose some weight.

In fact, the most important thing that happens to my breasts is that they lose a lot of weight and a significant size as well very rapidly.

Don’t worry, in the next article, I’ll show you exactly how to keep your breasts firm, perky and never lose their shape, size and weight again.

How to Deal With Reduced Breast Size and Weight after Your Pregnancy

Unfortunately, there are only a few techniques that work when it comes to maintaining your breasts’ size and firmness after pregnancy.

In this post, I’m going to discuss the most powerful ones, the ones I have used, the ones that gave me the fastest and most “obvious” results in terms of breasts’ firmness and perk.

First of all, I’m going to discuss with you the most essential herbs you need to start taking after giving birth.

To immediately reduce breast sagginess and while increasing lift almost overnight.

Then, I’m going to share with you my Breast Firming Oil recipe that works amazingly well.

Especially after delivery, to make your breasts firm and perky again.

And finally, I will tell you about the best home exercise to practice to firm up your breasts.

Even after delivery that works amazingly well and that can reduce breast softness and looseness in a minimum of fifteen days significantly.

How to Tighten Breast Skin after Pregnancy

So, let’s start.

After giving birth, you may notice one specific thing, your breasts will become softer and loose each time you breastfed your infant!

I also noticed a significant looseness in my breasts when it’s hot, and I’m not drinking enough water!

This is an essential factor that means one simple thing:

your breasts lose weight and liquids and are the reason why breasts are going to become very loose and soft after pregnancy.

Keeping your breasts perky after pregnancy can seem very challenging.

However, it’s not, it’s just a question of habit and in this post.

And I will show you the most important ones to always focus on to keep your breasts firm and juicy even after delivery.

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In fact, these are probably the most essential techniques to increase and tighten sagging breasts after delivery.

How to Tighten Loose Breasts after Delivery

The first thing we need to talk about is your diet.

I know that this is going to sound strange.

However, as I have mentioned before, your weight is definitely the most essential factor that makes your breasts saggy and loose after pregnancy.

It’s because you lose lots of water, and other essential liquids, and fats from your breasts which is very damaging to your breast appearance and roundness.

Say it differently, your breasts are going to become much looser and saggy after pregnancy.

They simply emptied and didn’t have enough liquids and fats to keep them firm and thick.

This is the reason why focusing on a “breast firming diet” is the most essential step you need to take right now.

It’s going to increase your chest’s thickness and perk, especially after giving birth.

How to Prevent Sagging Breast after Pregnancy

Here is something that blew my mind when I saw it the first time:

I have visited many places; most are third world countries.

Women don’t have access to quality cosmetic products or medicines as we do here in developed countries.

And where new mothers are advised by more experienced females to start consuming spicy foods.

Foods that are rich in different herbal remedies and extracts to increase milk flow.

Well, these foods are also powerful when it comes to increasing breasts firmness and perkiness.

Especially after delivery.

And trust me when I tell you that almost all these mothers recover their breasts’ firmness and perk days after giving birth.

They are filling their breasts again with the essential liquids and fats they require to stay in shape and to keep them from becoming saggy.

I simply couldn’t believe my eyes.

There I was, in a low-income country, with women who have probably never been to a beauty salon or even used quality skin and breast creams.

And yet, they have the firmness and perkiest breasts I have ever seen in postpartum females!

I asked my grandmother about this, I told her about what I have seen in Mozambique and Malawi, for example, that postpartum women have firm and thick breasts.

In contrast, I had loose and dropping boobs throughout breastfeeding my kids!

Her answer was clear: they eat “hot” foods.

I had no idea what she meant.

So, I kept asking her, and she told me that where she came from, rural Iran.

When women give birth, they are immediately given different soups and chorbas to provide them with the necessary energy and stamina to recover.

Plus these soups are rich in spices and herbs that immediately start filling their breasts with essential fats and liquids to prepare them for breastfeeding.

So, without further ado, here are the most important foods you need to start consuming.

Especially after delivery, to increase your breasts’ firmness and perkiness very rapidly.

The first one is:

Nuts and Seeds

These contain the most critical elements when it comes to your breast’s tightness and perkiness, healthy fats.

I’m sure that you know that your breasts are mainly filled with fats, well, by consuming different nuts in healthy amounts, you are going to increase your breasts size.

Most importantly, these foods are very rich in essential nutrients such as vitamin E and lots of minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

These are not only going to keep you healthy and vibrant all day long.

But they are also going to keep your skin tight and elastic, which is going to help reduce breast sagginess tremendously.

The Best Nuts to Tighten Your Breasts after Birth

The best nuts you can consume to increase breast tightness, especially after giving birth are also the most commonly available all year long.

These are almonds, walnuts and especially peanuts.

What’s so amazing about peanuts is that they are very cheap and also extremely calorie dense, meaning that they contain a considerable amount of calories per gram.

But let’s not talk about calories.

Although they are of great importance to increase your breasts’ firmness and lift.

Since they add weight and volume to your chest, what we need to discuss is their fat content.

I’ve already told you that your breasts are mainly filled with fats and liquids.

Well, the fats in nuts, especially peanuts, is very rich in essential fatty acids that are easily stored by your body in your breasts.

How Many Nuts Should You Take To Tighten Your Breasts after Pregnancy?

The most fundamental idea you need to understand in this section is that the amount is not as crucial as when!

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What I want to say here is very simple, let’s say that you are eating one cup of peanuts every single day.

Still, the only difference is that you are eating it in small amounts spread throughout the whole day!

Well, it will definitely benefit you, but it will not help you as eating one handful of peanuts at breakfast.

You see, when you consume nuts first thing in the morning, during breakfast, you are most likely to benefit from them.

Because your body has been deprived throughout the whole night from calories and most importantly, from fats.

The rate of absorption is going to be much higher.

So, here is my advice:

Every breakfast, have a minimum of fifty grams of peanuts or almonds, and please, if you are allergic to nuts, stay away from them.

The other food I want you to start consuming to tighten your breasts after pregnancy is carbs.

And here, I’m talking about:

Whole Grain Products

Because they are rich in fibre, they will bring balance to your digestive system.

While also increasing your breast milk flow which is very important to keep your breast full, perky and well structured.

When I’m breastfeeding, I just say no to white bread and white rice, and I only consume whole wheat bread and pasta, this may seem extreme.

Still, it’s not when you start noticing your breasts becoming fuller every day and shaping and perking week after week.

You see, whole grains are also rich in minerals, vitamins, and essential fats.

But what’s also great about them is that they increase your skin’s elasticity and strength, which is the second most crucial factor is breast looseness and sagginess.

From now on, replace all your processed carbs with whole grains, it’s a must.

Now, let’s talk about my favourite technique to increase breast firmness and reduce sagginess after pregnancy, focusing on:

Natural and Healthy Breast Lifting Herbs

I have spent over five years studying and discovering what makes our breasts loose and firm.

I have come to the conclusion that the most important factor is genetics.

However, don’t believe the idea that because it’s in your genes, then you cannot change it!

This is absolutely false, and whenever I tell women this, they think that I’m talking nonsense.

Deep down, they think that they have absolutely no way of changing their genes and unlocking a larger and fuller breast size and shape.

I want you to remain calm and understand this elementary fact:

Most breast firmness genes can be locked and unlocked, in other words, they can be stopped from damaging your breasts’ tightness!

And the best way to do so is through healthy breast friendly herbs.

So, what are the most potent herbs to increase breast firmness and perkiness, after pregnancy?

Well, remember what I have told you about the third world countries I have been to?

Yes, nearly all women consume spicy broths and soups after delivery because elders know they are essential to recovering health and breast firmness rapidly.

These are the same spices I’m going to talk about now.

The best are fenugreek, fennel seeds, and soy. (Of course, soy is used mostly in Asia)

These are the herbs I have used over and over when it comes to my breasts’ firmness and shape.

Especially after giving birth to my four kids.

And I have also shared them with many women I know.

And to tell you the truth, they are powerful and will help reduce breast sagginess rapidly.

The First Powerful Herb Is Fenugreek

In many third world countries, fenugreek is given to women immediately after delivery because it increases breast milk flow.

While also giving them strength and vitality almost immediately.

Well, another essential reason why women are given fenugreek after delivery is it increases breast lift while also preventing breast for becoming saggy during breastfeeding.

Well, this is Tighten what we are hoping to achieve.

Can Sagging Breast Be Firm Again?

The answer is an absolute yes, and fenugreek is one of the best herbs you can use to achieve this result.

How Much Fenugreek to Make Your Breasts Fuller after Pregnancy

From my own experience, the best amount of fenugreek to increase breasts’ firmness after pregnancy is a minimum of three teaspoons a day, ground fenugreek seeds.

This is more than enough to start building up liquids and fats inside your breasts which in turn is going to increase firmness and size very rapidly.

The Second Herb

Now, let’s talk about the other herb I always tell women to take after delivery and here, I’m talking about fennel seeds.

Both fenugreek and fennel seeds are rich in phytoestrogens.

These are phytochemicals found in plants that mimic the effects of hormones on our breast tissue.

Because of this powerful effect, they are prevalent ingredients in breast firming products and creams.

I personally like using fennel seeds as they contain high amounts of phytoestrogens that are so effective when it comes to increasing breast size.

Most importantly, they are very effective at reducing breast sagging by causing a very rapid breast lift and perk.

Unfortunately, most women do not know how to use this potent herb; they end up either using too little or too much!

The best way for you to use fennel seeds to increase breast firmness and perkiness after delivery is to take a maximum of half a teaspoon a day, ground fennel seeds of course.

By the way, I always take this powerful herb with a lot of water, a minimum of one cup to avoid causing stomach issues.

The Single Most Important Exercise to Tighten Your Breast after Pregnancy

So far, so good, now, let me talk about one of the most important things you need to do to tighten your breasts, especially after pregnancy.

And here, I’m talking about exercising your chest muscles.

So, what’s the single most important exercise you need to practice every single morning?

For a short time, that’s going to increase your breast’s perkiness and firmness rapidly?

The answer is the following exercise:

Knee Push-Ups

I am a massive fan of knee push-ups.

In fact, I have been practising them for the past four years, and they have been influential when it comes to firming up my breasts, especially when it comes to my chest muscles.

Here is what I want you to do every single morning:

After you wake up and go through your breasts firming ritual, I want you to do the following:

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Go to a quiet place and, on your knees, I want you to do ten push-ups, rest for thirty seconds and then repeat another ten, again, rest for thirty seconds and do another ten.

That’s it; you don’t have to do anything else when it comes to exercises.

What’s also amazing about this breasts firming exercise is that it doesn’t cause any stress on your body or other muscles.

It only focuses on your chest area, especially your chest muscles.

This will stimulate these large muscles to lift your breasts more and to give them a very perky and firm look.

Breast Firming Oil

The best breast tightening oil, in my opinion, doesn’t exist and the right way to give your breasts a powerful boost in terms of perk and lift is to make your own.

So, without further ado, here are the ingredients you are going to need to make the best breast tightening oil:

  • One tablespoon ground fenugreek seeds
  • One teaspoon fennel seeds
  • And one tablespoon soy flour

Soy flour is impressive because it contains large amounts of phytoestrogens as well.

These are phytochemicals responsible for increasing your breast’s firmness as well, most importantly, and they will make your breasts gain shape and tightness very rapidly.

Breast Tightening Cream after Pregnancy

So, here is how to prepare my powerful breasts firming oil to use after pregnancy:

Use a medium-size glass jar to which you are going to add five tablespoons of olive oil, then, add to them your dry ingredients while making sure you stir very well.

Next, simply keep your jar in a dry and dark area for three days, after that, simply strain to only get the oil.

How to Use My Breast Firming Oil

Every morning, take one tablespoon and apply on your breasts.

Make sure you massage them gently for two minutes so that they absorb most of the essential elements in the oil.

Before going to bed, at night, I want you to apply another tablespoon while massaging again very gently.

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