Let me tell you exactly how you can use turmeric for breast enlargement.

Turmeric is one of the most known spices, but when it comes to breast enlargement, it’s one of the least known ingredients you can use.

Turmeric Benefits for Breast Enlargement

Turmeric Powder and Root

Turmeric Powder and Root

I know that a lot of women are going to think that turmeric is probably the best ingredient they can use to increase their breast size!

After all, it has amazing health benefits and vibrant colors!

It has a powerful aroma, and it’s excellent for skincare.

But most importantly, it has so many cancer-fighting benefits that a lot of women are going to think it has something to do with increasing breast size.

Can Turmeric Enlarge your Breast?

But the reality is completely different!

You see, I have tried many spices and ingredients in the past to increase my breast size!

After all, when I was just thirteen years old, I noticed that my breasts stopped growing, I was merely an A cup, and I had so little weight and so many troubles in my life!

Yes, I’m going to tell you a little about myself.

But what I want you to understand is that I have gone through a lot of difficulties in increasing my breast size.

And I know what I’m doing.

So, I was skinny, flat-chested, and looking like a teenage boy!

My mother decided to take me to a doctor who told me that I had very poor hormones.

And that I needed to start taking medicine probably for my whole life!

And needless to tell you, my doctor even mentioned to my mother that I might never have kids!

Well, my mother was completely devastated!

And she probably hated herself for bringing such a poor and weak being into this world!

So, I began taking different pills, contraceptive tablets to even hormonal shots, and my breasts seemed to increase little!

However, deep down, I knew that there must be a better way to increase my breast size naturally!

That’s how I embarked on this journey.

I imagined that if only I can find one powerful ingredient to increase my breast size permanently.

Then all my problems would be solved!

And I would be extremely happy for the rest of my life!

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However, I soon realized that I was a lost hope; after all, my sister was having the same troubles!

She went through augmentation surgery, and she had no luck increasing her breast size since she had to remove her implants very shortly after.

I was disappointed and extremely in shock, however, I felt very lucky since I didn’t go through surgery myself.

Anyway, after getting married, I still hoped to increase my size one day, and most importantly, I wanted to please my husband.

And even worse, deep down, I knew that if I didn’t do something about my weak hormones, I might never have kids.

And even though I told my husband that my hormones were very wacky, he told me that he would do his best and that he would accept me no matter what.

Very sweet!!!

But I still remember the look in his eyes!

How he started at my chest the first time he saw me naked, I felt ashamed!

I truly wasn’t sexy at all!

So, after all these disappointments with my figure, I made a vow to myself that I would find a solution to my smaller breasts.

That I would do whatever it takes to increase my breast by a minimum of one cup!

So, I began doing exercises, looking for massage techniques, and even trying to mix different herbs and different ingredients to boost my breast size.

I was a mess, and I smelled horrible all day long.

My husband started to get very impatient!

One day, I found porn on his computer; even worse, it was of very large breasted women!

I was simply devastated!

I felt that deep down, I was neglecting him, and that he didn’t cheat on me!

He was just curious and wanted to fulfill a deep desire that every man has to have a large “real” woman in his arms.

I know what I had to do; I had to increase my breast size by all means.

I doubled my efforts, and I began trying different herbs and recipes!

And it was at that time that my grandmother started paying visits to us, at the time, I had very little chances of having kids, and my grandmother knew about it.

So, one day, she told me that I needed to take good care of my breasts, and most importantly, she gave me her secret recipe.

I began applying it, and I truly started noticing amazing results when it came to my breast size.

I now have four kids!

I know now that taking good care of my health, eating healthy food…

And more importantly, applying essential herbs and staying away from dangerous supplements, made me realize my dream of having larger breasts.

This is just to tell you that it’s real!

If you want to increase your breast size, you need to look after your health.

And more importantly, you need to consume lots of healthy foods daily, which are rich in nutrients and very powerful when it comes to increasing your size.

Don’t worry, later on in this post, I’m going to tell you exactly what foods to eat to increase your breasts size very rapidly.

But for now, just understand that it can be done.

You can use different herbs and different ingredients to increase your breast size; you just need to know what you are doing.

Turmeric Powder for Breast Enlargement

But more importantly, I’m going to tell you about turmeric, and the facts that it’s not one of the best herbs you can use increase your size.

I know this from fact because I have used this over and over.

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I believe that turmeric was amazing when it came to increasing my breast size, and I truly believe that it was one of the best brands I have used.

However, after giving it a try for more than three months, I have to say that it’s very weak.

It’s not going to increase your breast size rapidly!

Even worse, if you apply too much, it can even cause a rash and lots of troubles on your breasts.

The idea you must understand here is that turmeric is very powerful.

It can cause lots of damages to your breast if applied directly.

Turmeric for Bigger Breast – Side Effects

But more importantly, turmeric products and creams tend to be very concentrated and can even cause a rash and other skin issues.

Especially knowing that our breasts are very sensitive organs and that they can get damaged very quickly.

I remember one day, after applying a turmeric cream on my chest, my nipples became so engorged and inflamed that I couldn’t sleep for a whole night!

Next day, I asked my husband to take me to work because I couldn’t drive my car.

I was so in pain and so furious at myself!

I don’t want to scare you and tell you that turmeric is dangerous for your health!

It’s not!

If you use it rationally, you have absolutely nothing to be scared of.

But if you use many turmeric creams daily to increase your breast size, then you can run into some very serious troubles.

How to Use Turmeric for Breast Enlargement 

My advice is very simple; if you want to increase your breast size, you need to stay away from using large amounts of turmeric and only use the recipe I’m going to share with you in this post.

Why is that?

Simply because turmeric plays a very powerful and protective role for our bodies.

It contains large amounts of anti-inflammatory compounds.

Yes, the same compounds responsible for protecting your body against different attacks and germs.

And most importantly, because turmeric is also very rich in antioxidants.

You see, its yellow color is pure antioxidants, and it’s one of the best spices you can use to make your body stronger and healthier.

It’s also one of the best spices you can take daily to protect your body and feel energetic and vibrant throughout the whole day.

However, when it comes to increasing your breast size, I’m sorry to say this; turmeric is not the best herbs you can use.

Turmeric Dosage for Breast Enlargement

Now, I will show you exactly how you can use turmeric for breast enlargement:

The most important thing you need to get from this post is that using too much turmeric is simply a waste of effort!

You see, we don’t need a lot to gain a lot of firmness and volume in our breast.

So, here is the right dosage I want you to always have in mind:

For each breast, you will need half a teaspoon of turmeric daily!

Although this may seem like too much, I want you to pay close attention, because a lot of it is simply going to be thrown away!

How to Prepare the Best Turmeric for Breast Enlargement

First, you need to make a weekly batch.

I say this out of experience because making this recipe every single day can be very tiring and can weaken your will power.

Which is the most important thing you need to arm yourself with if you want to increase your breast size.

Turmeric for Breast Firming

This recipe is also extremely powerful when it comes to firming up your breast.

So, every Sunday, here is what I do:

I take fourteen teaspoons of ground turmeric; I add three tablespoons of olive oil and five tablespoons of fenugreek oil.

Next, I mix all these ingredients in a glass jar; then, I leave on the fridge for twenty-four hours.

Every night, before going to bed, I simply take two teaspoons, and I massage my breast with them, one teaspoon for each breast.

Of course, this mixture is going to last me for two weeks, sometimes, if I’m lazy, a bit more.

The thing you need to understand here is that you don’t need to apply that much, two teaspoons a day on your chest is more than enough.

The best thing you need to do is to keep applying it every day.

After all, consistency is much more powerful than excitement, in my opinion!

Turmeric Tea for Breast Enlargement

Another fantastic way you can use turmeric is by drinking it daily.

I have advised so many women to start drinking turmeric tea daily.

Even those who have larger breasts because it’s one of the best spices you can consume.

It has been scientifically proven to be very powerful against different types of cancer.

Of course, I’m not saying that consuming turmeric is going to heal cancer!

Find out the shocking secrets I uncovered about natural breast growth that will double your breast size in mere weeks!

Of course not.

You need to consult a doctor if you want more information on the subject.

What I’m saying is that on a large number of scientific studies point that turmeric may have anticancer effects.

So, drinking it daily is a fantastic way to prevent different diseases and to increase your immune function.

So, I simply take one turmeric and one fennel teabag as well, I brew everything in one cup of hot water for a minimum of fifteen minutes.

Then, I discard the used teabags.

I usually add sugar, but you can add whatever sweetener you want this tea recipe tastes somehow nice because of the fennel seeds.

What I want you to understand is:

Drinking fennel tea with turmeric can be amazing for both increasing your breast size and for also stimulating your hormones and increasing your immune function.

I usually drink this tea around four in the afternoon; it’s when I have a break with the girls at work.

Of course, don’t forget about applying the turmeric oil before going to bed, it’s also very powerful at increasing growth.


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